Cost Neutral Staking Offer With Yummy Crypto


Fellow Cryptocurrency investors,

Are you an owner, team member, or community member of a BSC crypto project? Are you looking to expand the utility and reach of your project?

We at Yummy believe that the way to succeed in the crypto space is by joining forces!

We are looking for exciting opportunities to expand our partnerships by offering cost neutral staking pools and we invite you to join our staking platform!

A brief description about Yummy Crypto — Who are we and what is our goal?

Yummy Crypto is a unique token ecosystem that combines contract tax tokenomics with staked capital (Growth Fund), a single token staking platform which includes stable asset staking, and educational content to add value to all holders. Yummy is also led by a professional and active team within the community.

Unlike other tax/reflect tokens, Yummy’s ecosystem is not solely powered by token volume or price for long term sustainability. It has a $1.2M Growth Fund that generates staking yields which are utilized to buyback (creating daily buying pressure) and burn Yummy tokens (reducing supply) and/or providing sustainable staking rewards.

To provide the opportunity for investors to earn passive income, Yummy launched its very own staking platform. The platform has a wide variety of single staking pools, vaults, partner pools, charity pools (upcoming), gladiator pools (GameFi), stable (YUSD) asset staking and several other options in the development pipeline.

In early 2022, Yummy also launched a stable coin known as the Yummy Dollar (YUSD) that will further fuel the staking ecosystem, increase daily Yummy buying pressure from the growth fund yield and gives investors a high APR stable asset staking option.

YummyDog NFT’s launched late 2021 to provide additional APR boosts for users staking on the platform.

Our official offer:

  • Token contribution between $2,500 to $20,000, pool duration 30–90 days.
  • We will create a staking pool of your token yielding Yummy for the same amount! We can achieve this by simply exchanging tokens. A great and very effective way to provide utility to your community which will be COST NEUTRAL to both projects.
    For example: Stake Yummy, earn partner — Stake partner, earn Yummy.
  • If you wish for a pool to stake and earn solely your own project’s tokens, we can offer this for a negotiable fee (typically 10% of the staking rewards). This is a cost-effective way to bring staking to your community and reward them with your own token.
  • Shoutouts from us across all Yummy Socials which include, Telegram (12k), Discord (19k), Instagram (3k), Reddit (15k), Facebook (2.5k) and also get to do an AMA (either voice chat or written) on the Yummy Telegram channel.
  • The Staking page has at least 2–3k visitors every single day and showcases partner projects. Right now, we have 4 partners (EverRise, Ore, Fox Finance and SAVE) but we are always looking to secure more reliable partners.

If you run a project which already has its own staking protocol we can create pools on both platforms, again by exchanging the same amount (in $ value). The general idea is to combine our communities where we can all benefit of proportional growth.

All items are fully negotiable 👍🏼

If you are interested in our staking offer or want to learn more about it, please reach out to us in our Telegram room! The entire team (including the CEO) are extremely active and always around to answer questions.

Yummy VPO:
@Mehoraw (Telegram)
@MehoRaw87 (Twitter)

Website Telegram Medium Instagram Facebook Reddit Discord Youtube GitBook

We hope to see you soon and let's continue to work together, create partnerships, create passive income for investors and continue to build within the crypto space 🤝🏼🤝🏼


Team Yummy Crypto


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