Come n’ Rush: X Racer to Join KuCoin IGO!

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Crypto is continuously proving its potential and true value in carving the economy of the digital era. Developers are also producing different crypto products that will satisfy each trader’s craving. To mention a few, DeFi games, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Metaverse are some of the successful products brought by crypto and blockchain. What else can we hope for in the future?

NFTs are the future.

Investors should know that NFTs are more than just tokenized real-world items. These are unique cryptographic items that exist on a blockchain and are impossible to be replicated. Although NFTs are not for everyone, many are still in awe of its existence. KuCoin has also jumped into the hype of NFTs. They have recently launched their own Initial Gaming Offering platform that provides a seamless centralized experience for users to purchase, invest and manage their unique NFTs. This platform will allow users to directly buy and withdraw NFTs with no gas fee. This announcement has left a great impression on KuCoin. In fact, users are creating more buzz for the following projects to be featured in this platform.

X Rush gives adrenaline.

Image from KuCoin

The momentum is already there, hence, KuCoin is taking advantage of this time to feature another great project. After the first two successful sales, KuCoin IGO is finally having X Rush on its platform. It is a casual play-to-earn racing game deployed on the KCC, and designed to give users a fun gaming experience in their own multiverse.

It does not only give incentives through crypto, but also provides a comforting space for every player. X Rush is committed to giving the best gaming community by letting each player participate in the network.

According to the X Rush team, they have set to offer over 9,500 X Racer non fungible tokens (NFTs) available on KuCoin IGO. Users must feel anticipated because each NFTs are a set of 10,000 profile picture-utility NFTs on KCC — with 500 for whitelisted users. One by one, it was hand-drawn by well-renowned artists in the industry. It is understandable, however, that not everyone appreciates this kind of artwork, but these NFTs represent unique customized characters in the game. It makes every holder eligible to customize their characters with many amazing features.

Here are some of the few benefits an X Racer NFT holder can have:

1. Rights to be part of a possible airdrop
2. Eligibility to earn almost 50 tokens per day
3. An access to use X Racer NFT as a profile picture in the game

NFTs have surged in popularity ever since it was introduced to the world of cryptocurrency. There has never been a new art technology that has grown this fast. By plotting this project, investors must now know the reason.