Cointrade — Importance of having a balanced portfolio


Maintaining the risk level of the portfolio depends on various factors but one of the most important factors is having a diverse portfolio. It doesn’t only balance out the risk factor but also returns good profits in the long run. To be able to keep your stay in the ecosystem, a diverse portfolio plays an important role.

Let’s understand what is a balanced portfolio?

What is Balanced Portfolio?

A balanced portfolio is an investment plan to keep the right mix of various investments. The aim is to maximize the profit and minimize the risks. The portfolio contains the investment that grows gradually, the investment that has a volatile growth, etc.

The individuals and even the companies have a diverse portfolio that involves volatile coins, altcoins, NFTs, etc.

How to curate Balanced Portfolio?

Some coins are well-established in the market — for example, Bitcoin, some just got introduced — new coins, some have a short life — One Coin, and some are volatile only when a community involved gets shaken — for example, Dogecoin, so while investing, a few pointers need to keep in mind such as:

A good percentage of the portfolio should have growth-oriented coins.

A quarterly/yearly portfolio rebalancing should be done to keep a check on the high-risk factor.

Thorough research on the market now and then.

An eye on the news to keep yourself updated on the new technology and business that might affect the particular investment.

Now, we have a balanced portfolio but why do we even need that?

Importance of Balanced Portfolio

A balanced portfolio will always generate profit and that is the main goal of any investment. Being in the market for years and generating profits at the same time need a balanced portfolio. This is a requirement but not sufficient, a sufficient requirement is to keep a check on the portfolio and keep adding and subtracting the assets and liabilities, respectively.

When an individual put money into something, they expect good returns, and the power to make something out of it to help this case, Cointrade entered the system.

Role of Cointrade

Cointrade is India’s most trusted bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange. It provides various advantages to the user such as:

Easily accessible interface — A beginner-friendly platform to keep it accessible for everyone.

Safe and protected — All transactions are safe due to constant security checks.

Quick transactions — It can handle over a million transactions.

Low transaction fees — To give an advantage to the user.

Support global currencies — It is integrated with the Binance app to allow users to invest and trade in major cryptocurrencies.

Competitive price — It offers almost 10% less on the price to give the upper hand to the user with these additional benefits.

Various rewards for trading — To make investment and trading fun, the platforms offer opportunities to win rewards.

Easy track on a portfolio — Helps users to keep track of their portfolio and in maintaining a balanced portfolio.

Cointrade is an all-in-one platform for an investor, having a balanced portfolio and added benefits make it super fun for investors to keep the energy up.