Choosing the Best AWS Support Plan for Your Company


AWS is committed to providing excellent customer service. Different businesses, however, require varying levels of support, and AWS caters to each customer individually. AWS provides an extensive range of technical support to help clients adopt cloud technologies faster and more efficiently, in addition to standard customer support services such as resolving issues with account setups or billing. Even if you have extensive technical experience in your on-premises data centers, moving to the cloud necessitates learning new skills, understanding how to architect cloud solutions, and remaining cost-effective. AWS hires and trains some of the best engineers, and their support team is extremely knowledgeable about the technologies they provide. AWS provides four support plans, which are discussed in the following sections.

Basic support plan

Every account is subscribed to the Basic support plan, regardless of which support plan you ultimately choose for your business. Before you get too excited, I should point out that this plan does not include any technical support. The Basic support plan is completely free and provides customer support for any account-related issues such as bill payment or login issues. In addition, you will have access to publicly available documentation, whitepapers, and support forums. The Basic support services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via email, chat, and phone, and the phone support involves Amazon calling you on your landline or mobile phone — they pay the call charges.

Developer support plan

If you are experimenting or testing in AWS, AWS recommends subscribing to the Developer support plan; for more information, visit The Developer support plan is a low-cost way to get help with non-production workloads. These are websites or applications that are in the early stages of development and do not yet support any critical business requirements. If you don’t mind extended downtime for such workloads, the Developer support plan comes at a very reasonable price.

While the Developer support plan includes technical support, it is limited to generic support centered on technical configurations with AWS use cases, and the support team will not be able to discuss specific application-layer issues that you may be experiencing. During business hours, support is also only available via email (no phone support is provided), with access to Cloud Support associates. While you can open an unlimited number of cases, the case severity and response times for general guidance are within 24 hours and within 12 hours for system-impaired issues.

Business support plan

The Business support plan is recommended for production environments and allows businesses to receive technical support for their AWS workloads. Examples range from resolving an issue with a failed RDS database, which requires a restore from backup, to more complex troubleshooting issues and problem resolutions.

The Business support plan provides complete 24/7 support via email, chat, and phone.
Different response times are available depending on the severity of the issue. For example, if your production system is down, you can expect assistance from a Cloud Support engineer within one hour. In addition, unlike the Developer support plan, which provides more generic support covering common AWS use cases, the Business support plan includes assistance in troubleshooting interoperability issues between AWS resources and third-party software. As a result, the level of support provided is dependent on your use case.

You can also use AWS Infrastructure Event Management for an additional fee (IEM). This service provides direction and operational support to assist you with project launch events or migration tasks. This includes assessing your AWS environment’s readiness, identifying potential risks and mitigating measures, as well as ongoing support during your actual launch and a post-event review.

Finally, the Business support plan entitles you to a full set of AWS Trusted Advisor checks, allowing you to cross-reference your workloads against best practices and receive recommendations in five categories: Cost Optimization, Security, Fault Tolerance, Performance, and Service Limits.

Enterprise support plan

The Enterprise support plan is the “le meilleur des meilleurs” of all AWS support plans. Given the plan’s starting price of US Dollars (USD) $15,000 per month, you’d expect the best level of service. The Enterprise support plan is naturally suited to very large organizations, such as multinational corporations or businesses with extensive global workloads.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Dropbox are examples of such businesses. The Enterprise Support plan is notable for its various VIP-style offerings, such as a designated Technical Account Manager (TAM). Your TAM will actively monitor your environment and collaborate with you to actively guide your team through cloud project planning, design, and implementation.

Your TAM will assist with optimization tasks and recommend various best-practice methodologies, as well as provide access to the best AWS experts. Access to Well-Architected reviews is another important feature. This gives you access to a senior AWS solutions architect who can conduct an audit of your AWS-hosted solutions.
AWS will provide guidance and best practices to assist you in designing solutions that are reliable, scalable, fault-tolerant, and cost-effective.

SLAs include full 24/7 email, chat, and phone support, as well as access to senior cloud engineers and a 15-minute response time for business-critical technical issues.

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