CADD mapped out a plan for a small scale financial service company to sidestep the big guns.

  1. Too much to handle
  2. CADD got to work

Too much to handle

The client is a family-owned and runs company established in 1998 in the UK which was developed into an award-winning company that provides worldwide financial advice and wealth management solutions. We will refrain from revealing the name of the company to safeguard our client's confidentiality.

For years, this international financial advisory group generated leads through an in-house marketing team. This was extremely costly to the company as most of its revenue was spent on building and maintaining the marketing team. The company realised that this was not an effective process to continue and therefore called for alternative lead generation tactics to be explored.

The company consulted CADD looking for more effective leads and convenient services which would take away the burden of executing lead generation by themselves.

The big guns were hard to deal with

Financial advisory services are dominated by large international firms such as KPMG, Deloitte, Cedar Management Consulting, Alvarez & Marsal, Oliver Wyman, PwC, Accenture, and Bain & Company to name a few. These big fish swim online and the chances of ranking organically with financial advisory keywords for a small fish such as this company are slim.

In order to capitalise more on this, the giants of the financial advisory service industry were driving up the advertising costs of keywords. Each click on a financial advisory keyword commanded an average cost of about $25 per click. In addition to this, this financial advisory group also had to incur a cost for the in-house marketing team, bringing the cost of generating one lead to about $40 to $50 per lead. On top of that, the company spends approximately $5,000 per client as a client acquisition cost when acquiring a new client.

These costs were too much to bear for a family-owned company built on relationships over the last 24 years.

Therefore, this company needed a better method to sidestep the competitors and avoid the cost of competition but also most importantly effectively increase leads in its sales pipeline.

They picked CADD for a reason

The reason for this company to pick CADD is our ability to generate filtered leads. Our workforce gives us the power to do in-depth lead generation and manually gather very specific leads as opposed to using AI to gather leads which are usually not filleted and take a general form.

CADD got to work

After closely studying the existing lead generation process and the client acquisition steps of the company, CADD observed that the current client acquisition journey had defects which were impacting the smooth process of onboarding clients. The company had outsourced some steps of the client acquisition process, therefore had limited control and no way to monitor.

In consultation with the company, we discussed the possibilities of streamlining the client journey. As a result of our consultation, the company implemented an in-house telemarketing team and a lead management system. The system was developed by CADD and it smoothed out the monitoring process as well.

Lead Management Dashboard
Quality Assurance Dashboard

After an in-depth analysis and understanding of the requirement of leads for this company, the criteria set for our team were to find British citizens above the age of 30, who worked in private companies in the UK for more than 8 years, the current location of residence being USA, Canada, Australia and Europe except for the United Kingdom.

These were challenging and ambitious criteria for any lead generation team because it has a number of filters and cannot be generated by using any automated system such as data scraping. The leads for this specific target can only be achieved through manual lead generation.

Some of the platforms our team identified as platforms that would help match the criteria were CV sites and LinkedIn. However, the CV sites were ruled out because of data limitations, accessibility issues and inaccurate data. Our lead generation experts opted for LinkedIn as the platform of choice as it fits the criteria and would generate accurate leads.

They made the right move by picking CADD

As a result of implementing a lead management system at the start of the project, the company was able to track all the work done by CADD as well as the quality of our leads.

Results before CADD took over the Lead Gen
Results after CADD took over the Lead Gen

CADD’s talented team of researchers together with the quality assurance team were able to deliver 8000 qualified leads within a span of just three months. Due to the efforts of establishing an in-house telemarketing team the company was able to convert more than 2500 leads as prospectors and 650 as customers within the first three months. The cost per lead was brought down to just $35 and the client acquisition cost was further decreased to $3500 for each new client.

As a result of our efforts and changes made in the process, we were able to match their prior year’s revenue within the first 6 months of our project.

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