🤢Bitcoin won’t be worth a shi**?

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If you are in this article to hear why bitcoin is a piece of crap from now on I am the type of person who goes from one place to another saying what he hears without even doing a research.

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I tell you, in this article I will tell you why bitcoin is the fucking king of cryptocurrencies and you should rethink buying before you can’t even come close to getting half a bitcoin ever.

Bitcoin is finite:

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By this I mean that bitcoin has a certain amount of cryptocurrencies, once they manage to mine about 23 million if I remember correctly, it will not be possible to mine any more and there are already 19 million BTC mined. This is what many people criticize and why they believe that this will go to the trash, but I tell you something. This is what makes bitcoin a precious resource and what brings us to the second point.


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Remember what happens with gold, being a rare commodity and that not everyone can have, this increased its value exponentially. so much so that people spend millions on items of this material. the same will happen with the BTC and is that once the shortage of this cryptocurrency begins its value will increase exponentially, some people believe that the value of this could reach up to one million USD in 2030.

Bitcoin is the king:

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It turns out that bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency created to not have to depend on a financial institution anywhere in the world and this in itself gives value to this cryptocurrency, but I’m not here to tell you only this, I’m here to tell you that you have to see a little more there and is that if big companies are making millionaire investments without worrying about volatility do not do it just because they have money, well if they do it because they have money haha but not just for that exactly. They are looking to the future and the great usefulness it could have in the future.


Watch the movements of the big fish and think about what they are seeing in that investment what they are doing and how this could be of use to them, don’t think about profiting immediately think long term with your investments.

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