Best places to get Fintech design and UX inspirations


Fintech is one of the hottest industries right now where the traditional banking is getting modernised and disrupted by newer banks. The neobanks often are more agile with better technology stacks, are able to provide better and tailored made experience that is suitable for modern banking needs.

As a designer working in the same industry, I was fascinated by some of the designs and experience of these new banks mobile apps, and often hungry to look for design inspirations and experience walkthroughs in order to learn and get inspired. However, fintech inspiration can be difficult to be found and hard to have hands-on experience as it is a regulated industry. Fortunately there are a few websites that we can go to. — Finance app category

Mobbin is my number one source for finance related mobile app design. If you don’t know yet, Mobbin is a website that screenshots mobile apps and tagged them into app categories and design patterns. The library is growing and it has some of the widely known fintech apps with the best user experience including Monzo, Revolut, Cash app, Robinhood and more.

Note that you might need to subscribe in order to access to the screens. But I think it will be worth it as it also includes many other apps for comparative analysis.

Similar feature to Mobbin, Chamjo has a library of mobile app screenshots, but with a focus on Southeast Asia region. If you are looking into fintech inspiration on SEA region, this is the place.

Built For Mars

As for design walkthroughs and comparison, Built For Mars has extensive collections of articles and app reviews especially for financial industries. When I just started working for the new digital bank in 2021, I benefitted a lot from the UX of banking publication from this website. It gave me many useful insights that allow me to understand better on banking services. After all, designing for bank is not just about the interaction on the user interface, but also the other services and touch points that comes along with it.

Premium services

Resources on the good financial apps design can be really difficult and time consuming to find, however there are two companies out there that I found provides premium services on such service. The first one is 11:FS Pulse, and another one is Fintech Insights.

They are the dedicated team that collects and organises the fintech apps in the world and sell it as a service for the new banks out there for their competitive and comparative analysis. This service tend to be not cheap, so if you are working in a bank or a fintech company and in need of these services for design and feature research purposes, you may use them.

Visual inspirations

One last thing, you also can visit websites like Behance and Dribbble for visual inspiration of financial apps, as the designers showcase their best work there. Some designs might not be for a real client work or it could just a UI design practice, but it’s always good to get visual inspiration on how far the design for fintech can be pushed.

There you go, some of the resources for your dose of fintech inspiration. As a person working in a digital bank where we are building a bank from scratch, the financial industry has never been this exciting!