Best Passive Income Ideas To Make $100 A Day Fast

  1. Online Concierge
  2. Mastermind Groups
  3. Blogging & Vlogging
  4. Online Store
  5. Creating Holiday Shopping Bundle Deals
  6. Dividend Stocks or Real Estate Investing
  7. Self-Publishing and Creating Online Courses
  8. Selling Printable
  9. Affiliate Marketing

It is the perfect time to start making passive income with stocks already crashing in 2022 and the rest of the year looking weak. Why not invest the time or the money that you’d spend in stocks into a passive income business?

passive income ideas

Build up that income stream so when stocks do start heading higher, you’re going to have an extra thousand dollars a month or more to invest. I’ll share some passive income ideas that I use to make thousands of dollars a month.

I’ll reveal how to get started in each, how much you can expect to make, and how to make money with as little work as possible.

I’ll also reveal why a lot of the passive income ideas you hear are so misleading, and why people fail at their income dreams.

So make sure you stick around for that. Thank you for spending a part of your day to be here.

Online Concierge

The first one is being an online concierge. The traditional idea of a concierge is someone that knows their way around the person that can get you things. We usually think of this at the hotel.

The concierge is the person that can recommend restaurants, things to do, and where to get that stain on your suit removed before the big meeting.

But in one of the biggest undiscovered opportunities out there, this idea hasn’t made it online yet. Yeah, there are social platforms and review sites but nothing with that personalized service you expect from a concierge.

This would be a perfect income stream for those gen z’s out there that have grown up immersed in the internet able to show us old-timers where to find everything.

From how to use certain websites, to deleting their browser history before the wife gets home.

Getting started with this one is as easy as going to sites like Upwork and searching for jobs around online research or web searching. You’ll find thousands of projects paying between $17 to 75 dollars an hour and up.

Making more money and making this as passive as possible is going to come from automating some of your process and the services.

Creating a blog around your services is going to start bringing in those referrals and traffic from google.

For this direct traffic, you can charge higher rates and outsource some of that easier work. You can start profiting from the difference and make it completely passive.

Mastermind Groups

Another great source of online passive income is creating mastermind groups for monthly memberships.

With the pandemic lockdowns, need for online social reaction was the top priority. And even afterwards, a lot of people spend most of their social lives online.

So combining this need for social groups but with the value of sharing important information, you get what’s called a mastermind group. This is a group between 10 to 20 people that meet online regularly to discuss a topic and share ideas.

And it can be big money for group organizers through platforms like tribe and mighty networks. You can invite people to join your group for regular online meetings, private chats, and even upload courses to sell.

Group members pay between $50 to $500 and up to be part of these masterminds. And the best thing is, it can be totally passive and something you can grow into a six-figure business.

That’s because while you may be setting these up and managing the invites, you don’t have to participate.

Designate one or two people from each group to be discussion leaders and share a cut of the fees with them for their time, and you’ve got a totally passive income business.

You can get started on this one by engaging with different groups online through social media sites and forums.

After getting to know some of those group members, you can invite them to join a mastermind group. You can set up as many of these groups as you want and just act as the recruiter.

There are so many videos and articles online promising easy money or completely passive income with no investment or time. Promises of making thousands even tens of thousands of dollars a week, and it’s all a scam.

I know the idea of passive income money you make with no work is the goal here. But let’s be honest, anything you do to make money is going to take one of three things.

It’s either going to be a business you put in the time and the work to set up that runs itself afterwards.

You invest in a business that’s already set up and can run itself or it’s a business you get started and need to spend very little time keeping that cash flow completely passive.

I understand that’s what most people want when they think of passive income. But the real opportunity is starting a business that’s going to help you make money on your schedule whenever you want.

Blogging & Vlogging

When I started my blogs in 2014, it took six months to make any money at all. And that was a big fat check for all of $56. Yeah, I was living on ramen noodles but I put in the time to grow that income up to $2,000 a month after the first year.

$4,000 a month after the second year adding different income streams then to $10,000 and $20,000 a month after starting the YouTube channel all the way up to averaging $48,000 a month last year.

But I got to tell you it was far from passive. In fact, I worked my ass off. But you know what started as a side hustle and hope for passive income grew into something I really enjoy and a business that can run itself.

At this point, I could step away from the business maybe just spend five hours a week from the beach somewhere to record videos and still make $10,000 or $20,000 a month.

Please do not avoid some of these types of businesses that may not seem passive at first. Maybe take some time to get started because they will be the best thing to happen to you.

And don’t get sucked into all those other passive income scams just because they seem like easy money.

Online Store

A close friend is making nearly a thousand dollars a month in her free time with a store on Etsy or Shopify.

Etsy has grown into one of the world’s largest online marketplaces and its uniqueness from amazon is that personalized craft space. This means it gets targeted traffic from people ready to buy.

My friend started her shop in February of 2021 and in just nine months, she had already made over a thousand sales. She says she’s selling between 75 to 100 items a month and an average of six dollars each. How does making an extra $600 a month in your spare time sound?

I was blown away researching this. She has more than 1.3 million sales on an average price of $26 each item. That’s over 34 million dollars. I want to share some tips to get started.

To get started, build your presence on Instagram and Pinterest rather than some of these other social media sites. These two are much more search focused so your posts are going to be seen by people searching for those topics rather than just your friends and family like on Facebook.

Focusing your time sharing your images on these two platforms it’s going to help you build that customer base faster.

Another tip to get started is just to browse Etsy for ideas on what you can sell. Start with a hobby or something you really enjoy doing.

This is how she got started. My friend enjoyed using her crake up machine and only learned later that she could make money selling the decals.

Turning an Etsy shop into a source of passive income really depends on the product you sell. But you can automate that process on anything selling digital products.

So something people can download is going to be the ultimate in passive income because Etsy is going to automatically send your customers that download when they make a purchase.

Even if you’re selling a physical product or a craft, you can still make this passive and less work with each sale.

You’re going to want to think about every step in that sales process from marketing, social media, to customer emails and product delivery. Then with each step, think of ways to make that process faster or automated.

With your social media marketing, take multiple pictures at a time and then pre-schedule your posts. You can create and schedule a month’s worth of posts in just a couple of hours to drive that constant flow of traffic to your store.

Creating Holiday Shopping Bundle Deals

Next on our list of passive income ideas is a great one for set it and forget it cash flow creating bundle deals for black Friday and holiday shopping.

I made almost four thousand dollars profit on one of these in the past setting it up in less than 40 hours over a month’s time.

I had to include it here because I want to give you enough time to get yours set up before black Friday and that holiday shopping season.

So here’s how you set this up and it’s going to seem a little overwhelming at first but please stick with me here. These are crazy easy to make money and once you’ve got one done, it’s going to be so much easier to make another and another.

First you’re going to pick a theme for your bundle. Something like personal finance investing crafts or whatever topic you want. Then you put together a list of all the courses, books, and online products you find in that category in this list.

You’re going to want contact information, about the seller price information, and any discounts already offered. And maybe a bullet list of what people get from that product.

Then with your list in hand and the details planned out, you start contacting all the sellers, the owners of those products, and everyone by email or social media to see if they want to be involved.

They can contribute a product to the bundle or just help promote it with an affiliate link or both.

You want to know who’s involved and how many contacts they have on social media and email. This is because you can use this to get those bigger creators on board.

You can tell them that you’ve got contributors with a combined 500,000 email list. It’s going to be sharing this deal out that’s going to mean huge sales for everyone.

And once you’ve got your final list of everyone involved and the courses or the products in the bundle, you can organize that marketing and the launch date in the bundle.

I organized and made 328 sales for seventy two dollars and forty nine dollars each. Half of that went to affiliate commissions and about half of the remaining amount went to pay those other contributors.

That still left over four thousand dollars for organizing the deal and it took less than ten hours a week over a few weeks.

Dividend Stocks or Real Estate Investing

Another scam you see often is the investing articles and videos masquerading as passive income.

The problem is it is so much easier for Youtubers to talk about an investment like dividend stocks or real estate where you truly can create that cash flow with no work after the investment.

Instead of really going into the detail of how to create a passive income with a business idea, they can just say buy a real estate rental but is that really passive income? After all, you had to work to make that money to invest it.

And I guess you could argue that putting in the time to build one of these passive income businesses is investing your time. But the returns you get on a real passive income business versus these passive income investments it’s like night and day.

For example, the vanguard high dividend yield has produced an 11% annual return over the last five years with only about three percent of that dividend cash flow.

That’s not bad for a dividend stock and I do like that fund but it’s not what I consider a high return or a strong cash flow.

Another example here in the last 28 months, I’ve earned 129 dollars in dividends and 216 dollars in appreciation for about a 13.5 percent annual return on my Fundrise real estate crowdfunding investment.

And again not bad for something I didn’t have to do anything with after the investment. But it is not something that’s going to pay the bills or grow into that real cash flow.

Self-Publishing and Creating Online Courses

This is the passive income source that started it all for me self-publishing and creating online courses. This is really what enabled me to go full time on my online business.

It was the fact that I was able to get self-publishing income up to a thousand dollars or more a month within the first year.

That really helped pay the bills while I built the rest of these income sources. Adding just a few books a year, I was able to grow that income to three thousand dollars a month within a few years. And this can be any book fiction or non-fiction.

It can be an experience in your life how to do something or just a story you’ve always wanted to share.

Everyone has a book in them because you have your own unique set of experiences and talents that I guarantee you someone else wants to read about. And this is a lot easier than you might imagine.

To get you started for a nonfiction book, start with what you want people to be able to do or learn and then break it down into 10 to 15 tasks working backwards to that goal.

Each one of those goals is going to be a chapter in your book so you do the same within each chapter. Break it down into a few tasks and instructions in each then you focus on just one chapter a week.

Don’t try to sit down and write an entire book. Just do one chapter at a time. And this is also one of the most passive because after launching my books on amazon, I do absolutely nothing.

Each month I’ve got about twenty dollars in ads running on the platform for each book. And I’ve got links on the blog but it takes no work whatsoever to keep that money coming in.

Where courses come into this, you can take your book use it for a video script and turn that into an online course with almost no additional work. Learn how to create a six figure online course that sells.

Selling Printable

Selling printable is one of the easiest I’ve found to make hundreds a month. Now this is similar to that idea of self-publishing but instead it’s just a one or a two page checklist that you’re going to sell through a blog or social media.

These are so much easier because you can put one together in less than a day compared to several months writing a book. Plus they’re typically less expensive so it’s a lower commitment for buyers.

These can be as simple as a quick checklist maybe a recipe or something people need help with like optimizing their home internet security.

You create these quick guides in a word document converted to a pdf and you’re all set to sell. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest all enable on platform sales so you don’t even need your own blog for this one.

Affiliate Marketing

This is almost completely passive income. Affiliate marketing blog is just a website where your primary source of income is going to be mentioning products and courses and they’re getting a commission of the sales on those.

Other pros of this is you don’t have to spend a lot of time creating your own products or courses. You just partner with other businesses and the products that you believe in to promote.

This can also be a great passive income business because once you’ve got some articles on the blog that are pulling in traffic from google, you’re going to get that traffic every single month whether you post on the blog or not.

You’ll get continuous visitors to that blog. A percentage of those visitors are going to click through your links and buy something and you can make thousands a month on very little work.

So then this isn’t as intense as running a traditional blog or a YouTube channel because each post is focused on that affiliate product. So you don’t have to do nearly as many and getting started here is even easier than that self-publishing and printable idea.

First you pick a topic or something you’d like to talk about say health or money, investing, homeschooling, any hobby or interest you have.

You can write about it and create your website then sign up for what’s called an affiliate network. This is just a website that connects people with blogs to affiliate partnerships.

In those affiliate networks like Share a Sale or CJ affiliates, you’ll sign up to affiliate programs which are just individual companies that want you to promote their products.

You’ll get a special link that you can use whenever you talk about a product. If someone clicks on that link from your blog, the company is going to track that person and give you a commission if they buy the product.

I’m currently averaging over fourteen thousand dollars a month from affiliate commissions and have quite a few months over twenty and thirty thousand dollars.

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