Best Financial Distributor for mutual fund software in India


There are many online financial advisor planning services in India today, which one to choose is purely a matter of your own requirement and the kind of services you are looking for to meet your goals.

You will find two types of Financial Distributor planners-individuals and company representatives. Individual financial planners are those who provide their services in their personal capacity as a subject matter expert and charge a fee for it. If they have tie-ups with specific companies to recommend financial products they may do so in lieu of which they may get commission from the partner company.

Second category is of company representatives who work as relationship managers, online financial advisors, insurance agents and more. They work for financial companies and their job responsibility is primarily to cater to financial planning requirements of their clients. Some may offer only planning services, while others may provide end to end services which may include guidance of how much to invest, where to invest, when to change your strategy etc.

Normally companies that are well-established provide a plethora of personal financial services ranging from planning to investment guidance to customer support. They pass on a lot of other benefits to their loyal customers like easy and early access to common services, offers and discounts. Added advantages are apps. and online services provided to help make transactions easier for customers.

I personally prefer Nivesh life for the web development to our websites. they developed website design in an efficient way for the finance related websites .they also build app for their representatives as they are well qualified and experts in their field. It is important to see that any personal financial service you take has all the required licenses in place, for example it should be SEBI approved. Anyone you engage with should be a CFA (certified financial planner) from a recognised body. Along with this established companies have the capacity to.

You should avoid those who do not get into the details of your financial requirements and goals. Someone who does not assess your risk bearing capacity, financial goals, current and future plans and recommends you a specific type of plans only to make their commission should be avoided.

That will do you more harm than good. I suggest going for company backed advisors. Top companies that provide personal finance planning services in India are Edelweiss Financial Services, Nivesh life Tata Capitals, Bajaj Finance, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services, Kotak Private Equity Group and more.