Back to “Finance” School

Disclaimer: This is not me nor my son

I love school! 🙉

That above statement is not something I said lightly. I do love school, it gives me a sense of purpose in life, having a goal to reach.

I graduated from my last master degree from AGSM back in 2016. Since then I got few technical certificates, this was before I went down rabbit hole of personal finance. 🐰

Personal finance has been my life since I knew bitcoin. During crypto 🐻 market in 2018–19, I read lots of books and listened many podcasts. I want to learn from my mistake on investing in bitcoin, which I finally realised that was more of a gamble during that time.

Inflation rate is a hot topic 🔥

Australia’s inflation rate has jumped to its worst result in more than two decades. Annually, the CPI rose 5.1 per cent with new dwellings, increasing 13.7 per cent, and fuel, rising 35.1 per cent, the most significant contributors.

With salary doesn’t increase that much, I feel a need to generate extra income. Savings in bank give you less than 1% interest. Share market (ASX 200) can give dividend around 4% a year.

I turned my head into Decentralised Finance (DeFi). I believe this is the future for good savers to earn extra income.

This time I don’t want to gamble. I need to go back to Finance school. 🎒

Back to Finance School

I have been following bankless cult for a few years now. They shared on how to become bankless, and I’ve been in NFT rabbit hole for past 12 months. I have a pretty good idea on how DeFi works, but my love for school can’t be fulfilled by only listening to podcasts.

So, I have signed up to “Introduction to Decentralized Finance” short course from University of Nicosia.

Starting date: May 16, 2022 (Summer 2022)

  • Learn how blockchain-based decentralization is disrupting financial services
  • First open online course on DeFi in the world
  • 1st University globally to issue academic certificates as NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens)
  • Continuously updated: Learn About the Latest Developments in DeFi and NFTs

Please reach me out if you also in this class, and we can share lecture notes. More importantly, it’s more fun having study buddy.

Wish me luck…. 🤞