Avanta Studios Spring 2022 Showcase Event Recap


Avanta Ventures had the honor of hosting our third semi-annual Studios Showcase on Thursday, May 12. The event had an incredible turnout, and attendees could hear first-hand from some of the most exciting startups past and present in the Avanta Studios program.

Steve Bernardez, Partner at Avanta Ventures, was joined by Yann Barbarroux, CEO and Co-Founder at OTONOMI, Kevin May, Chief Strategy Officer at Gigaforce, Antonio Barnes, CEO at Fridgio, Nikki Varanasi, CEO & Co-Founder at Staax, Tom War, Co-Founder at MotorDNA, and Sergey Litvinenko, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Koop.

While we can’t pinpoint a single moment of the event that was our favorite, here are some quotes presented by the speakers that resonated with us the most:

“This is why we’ve created Otonomi. We transform the cargo insurance process into a fast, cost-effective, and transparent experience for policyholders and insurance partners. From a tech and product standpoint, this is what we do.” — Yann Barbarroux, OTONOMI

“At the end of the day, we should all be focused on the importance of subrogation because it’s what goes into keeping our premiums at the correct rates.” — Kevin May, Gigaforce

“Our tracking and traceability are second to none. We reduce costs for refrigerated shipments for our customers, we provide a higher level of inventory visibility, and we’re already building a carrier network that covers the country nationwide. We want to democratize refrigerated logistics.” — Antonio Barnes, Fridgio

“Our vision is to go global so that anyone can send cross-border assets. Imagine how cool it would be if you could send stock or crypto to your friend in China or Brazil.” — Nikki Varanasi, Staax

“We’re a purpose-built modern tech, all in the AWS infrastructure. We’ve got modern APIs for effortless connectivity with our customers. We are also excited about a three-way marketplace connecting consumers, dealers, and insurers that are going to create that flywheel of that ecosystem.” — Tom War, MotorDNA

“The problem we identified in the autonomous vehicle space is that ensuring software driver will be difficult. The first difficulty has to do with underwriting, or the ability to identify which data we need to collect. The second challenge is asking ourselves what kind of insurance products we can build around that. Do we still do commercial auto? Do we need to fully transition to the product liability? Or is there something in between that we can ship? With Koop, we solve those problems, and we start with underwriting.” — Sergey Litvinenko, Koop

To watch the Spring 2022 Avanta Studios Showcase in its entirety click the video above or click here to watch on YouTube.

Avanta Studios extends a huge thank you to the Studios companies who participated and everyone who took the time to attend the event. Our Studios program aims to help startups reach their milestones and growth and enables them to partner with Avanta Ventures and CSAA Insurance Group to jointly explore new markets, business models, and technologies.

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