Recently one on my friends had shared this new crypto project called Ark. At first it looked like just another fork of Drip or Furio, a decentralized app where you can earn 1% a day on your investment. These projects have been dominating in the DeFi space over the last day, so when a new project that is similar comes out, there tends to be a lot hype around them.

I was skeptical at first until I started seeing a lot of familiar faces that I’ve been seeing around the DeFi space over the last year. They were very bullish about this project so I decided to dive deeper.

Upon doing my DD, as it is very important to DYOR, I found that none of their contracts have been forked from nor Drip, or Furio. All the contracts they had were built from the ground up, including their own Liquidity Management System (LMS).

This is a very good sign to show that these developers aren’t just trying to make another copycat project that will die in a month or two.

What is Ark?

In simple terms, Ark is a Decentralized Passive Income Protocol that pays up to a 2% Daily on your initial investment. If you put in $1000 on Day 1, you would receive $20 a day, everyday!

What makes these ROI dApps so amazing is the power of compounding interest. If you reinvested that 2% everyday for a whole month, you would have just over $1800 invested. Instead of $20 a day, you would be making $36 a day.

Take that even further and compound for 100 days and you would have an initial investment of nearly $7250 from your initial $1000. This would be making you $145 a day after 100 days. This would only take you a week to make your initial $1000 back, after that you living off $145 a day in pure profits!

Here is the link to their whitepaper to learn more:

Please checkout their website:

The link to their dApp:

How could this ever be sustainable?

This is where Ark shines from all the other ROI dApps as they have added many safeguards to protect the investors money, and allow you to claim 2% a day for as long as possible.

  1. Liquidity Management System

Ark will be using their own LMS to ensure the price stays stable. Instead of a traditional LMS systems that will try and hold a certain price, their system will trade in a set range ensuring that the price will hold between a 10% variance.

Below is an example of a LMS system and how it can stabilize the chart

2. Anti-Dump Launch

Every token that is sold in pre-sale will be automatically deposited into the vault which means no one can sell tokens at launch. The only way you can sell Ark is by earning it in the vault from the 2% daily ROI!

This will create a very solid chart at launch as lots of people invest in how charts act alone, and will also ensure that no tokens can be dumped in the future.

3. External Revenue Generators

Ark will be working on real world income generators to bring extra liquidity into the system. Some ideas being hedge funds trading, or mining crypto using energy released from oil rigs for extremely cheap energy, resulting in external revenue to be pumped into the vault system in order to generate passive income for investors for years to come.


Here is an example of how much a $500 investment can earn you over the course of a couple of years.

CWR = Compound Withdrawal Ratio

A CWR of 1 means you’ll be compounding and claiming equally. For example, 15 days of claiming and 15 days of compounding your 2% daily ROI.

The higher the CWR ratio, the more you are compounding vs claiming.

Example: CWR=1.33 would be 4 days compounding and 3 days withdrawing weekly

Below you can see that with a $500 investment you can earn up to $117k over 4 years. Even in just year 2, you’ll be earning $200 a day!
(Price assuming $5 per ARK token in this chart)


Even more ways to earn?

Not only does Ark offer up to 2% ROI daily on your initial investment but you can also build teams called Syndicates in order to grow your investment. This could be your friends and family, a group of co workers, or reach large and make a YouTube video for the world to join your team!

When you refer someone to Ark, you will receive 5% of their initial deposit as well as compound rewards from your team!

If you’ve made it this far and are looking for a team to join, feel free to use my referral link to earn an extra 5% on your initial deposit back to your wallet airdropped in $BUSD as well as monthly ARK token airdrops!

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