Are you getting the bag or Is the bag getting you?


You’re 23 and this bag might be getting you.

Adulting seems to be winning, but hey who’s keeping scores?

It’s the last Friday of the month. You race out of work at 5 pm on the dot before your manager comes searching. That man and micro-managing? 5&6.

You just started out your career at the firm, your first full-time role and you are convinced your job is out to get your life. You take faster steps, so you can meet up with the girls for drinks in good time. Bills. Your Uber driver is waiting downstairs. Even More Bills.

This adulting thing? They didn’t warn you. Is this how it is? Bills upon Bills.

Did I mention Bills?
You Open the door — Debit Alert.
You take in some Oxygen — Another Debit Alert.

You have big plans — to save up for a small car, to move out of your parents’ house, to live the soft life and eat creamy pasta every Saturday –
“Afterall, this life is one”

You recognize that it’s been a long way coming but it seems like an even longer journey to transition from where you are right now, to where you want to be.

But — You’re learning to trust the Wealthbuddy process.

Wealthbuddy helps you keep track of your savings and opens you to a plethora of investing opportunities.

They really just make this money thing make sense.

You’re making steady steps and honestly, it feels good.

The Wealthbuddy app is quickly becoming one of your favorite apps on your phone.

You open it at least 1–2 times everyday

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

Fast forward to a few months later –

Little drops have made a mighty ocean. The Wealth buddy app is almost always open on your phone and Easily in your top 3 favorite apps.

Your steps are starting to count, and it feels surreal. This money thing makes a lot of sense. Your savings are on track and you’re trying out a couple of investment opportunities.

You’ve tested and trusted the Wealthbuddy process. The transition seems clearer. Your Soft life is being funded. It’s you and creamy pasta in this city.

Breathe in Oxygen — your money grows by the minute

Open the door — growing opportunities

Income upon Income. Did I mention Income?

It’s the last Friday of the month. You’re still racing out of work at 5pm, but You take steadier steps — to your new car. You’ll meet up with the girls for drinks later. It’s in your enjoyment budget for the month so no shaking — you’ve got this.

You -1, Adulting — 0

Yes, you’re keeping scores now. You’re 23 and you’re getting this bag.