Are You Excited to Invest in Cryptos?


This might be one of the last opportunities you will have to acquire layer one cryptos, the likes of Bitcoin, Etherium, Cardano, Polkadot, and so on, at their lowest prices. I preface this statement with the warning that I am not a financial advisor and ask that you do your own research.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

For the longest time, if you wanted to invest your savings into assets like stocks or bonds, you would have to hire a financial advisor or an agent to place your trades. It all started to change in the ’90s with the introduction of self-managed mutual fund accounts. Now, you can manage your entire portfolio, including stocks, bonds, cryptos, and foreign exchange positions right from your mobile phone. This is an amazing revolution, one that has opened the doors of financial freedom to millions of people across the globe. Unless you worked in the old Wall Street-controlled system, where all trades were actually placed on the floor of the exchange or done through a hardwired network of Bloomberg terminals, you have no idea how liberating and transformative our current financial infrastructure truly is. We are living through a special time in human evolution.

When I think back to my first job as a Management Trainee at the Boston Company, an American Express/Shearson Lehman corporation, which used to be located right across from the Old State House on Washington and State, I am amazed how the financial industry has changed. I particularly remember working at the bank’s Treasury Department and seeing currency (FX) traders glued all day to their Bloomberg screens, hoping to place or exit their trades. Today, they can simply stroll down Washington street and trade right on their phones.

Despite all this technological innovation, both stock and bonds still remain nationally listed assets, accessible to a limited group of people. Of all the financial products available in the market, cryptos are the most liberating and exciting asset class. Can you imagine being able to acquire a globally traded stock right on your phone? Even better, you can use this same asset as a monetary instrument to digitally pay for goods and services, a function which you cannot access using real estate, stocks, or bonds.

Crypto is the most transformative investment product we have at our disposal. Beyond its ease of access, it harnesses the purchasing power of the entire human population into a decentralized network, creating unity, cultural and political affinity, and eventually price stability. Led by Bitcoin, the crypto market is our only option to achieving financial freedom and democratic representation of our purchasing power. People around the world are beginning to awaken to the manipulative nature of centralized currencies and financial products like stocks and bonds. Although centralized crypto networks can also be manipulated, this will eventually fade as the platforms become decentralized protocols.

Take time to absorb the many innovations and opportunities the crypto market affords you. Do not take this freedom for granted. It was not given; it was and is being conquered. While you should be cautious in your crypto investments, you must, above all, remain hopeful, knowing that you are participating in one of humanity’s most exciting revolutions: the liberation of our creative capacity and the opportunity to be financially free.