Are you committed or interested?


What is the difference between commitment and being interested?

A big thank you to Gordon Cowie on Unsplash for this picture.

This sentence has been in my mind for a couple of years now, and it seems self-explanatory, but is it really?

Let's talk about the difference between Interest and commitment.

  1. What does it mean when you are interested?

When someone is interested in an opportunity, a partner, or a product they are still weighing the pros and cons. When I am interested in a product I do my research and put myself in the shoes of pretending that I own the product already. Even if I decide to go the other way and change my mind I have nothing to lose. There is no commitment and no loss whichever direction I go.

2. What does real commitment look like?

Commitment is the hardest and rarest trait in our instant-gratification society. If you don't like it, throw it out and order a new one; don't like the person you are with? Just go on a dating site and look for someone new. You don't like the job or career opportunity you are with? go find another job. For some things this is good. No one should be stuck at a job they hate or be in a relationship that does not work for them.

So my question is, do we commit to relationships, opportunities, and products faster because we know it's easier than ever to get out?

And if we know in the back of our heads that it is easy to get out, are we really committed? Or just acting interested?

I can say from my own perspective, that I used to commit to everything and see what stuck. And I have learned a valuable lesson. It is better to not commit than to not follow through. I chose my commitments wisely and make them few. That way I can concentrate more on the commitments that I have.

I have also learned that commitment means at any cost. If you fail, you get up and try again. I have failed in many ventures and because of that I have learned that I am interested in a lot of things but commit to a few. that way I can focus more on my mission.

Another example is working out. I always wanted to be in shape and thought I could catch up in one week with what I had missed over the last couple of years. So I would go all in and get sick after a week because I was not used to the new regiment. SO, a month and a half ago I decided to give it one more try and hired a trainer. We started working out slowly and on a consistent basis and I start seeing the results. I committed to being in shape and to a routine that would get me there, It was easier to commit to this schedule than to working out like a maniac.

Chose your commitments wisely. If you have no experience, then become interested and do the math and research of what it takes to be successful and then be all in. Commit to it and you will see results that you have never seen before.

Did you commit to reading this whole article or were you just interested? let me know in the comments if you made it all the way.

Thank you.