APIS Core AMI 2022 Launched on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace


Hello, this is the APIS Team.

APIS Team is working on developing its mainnet and expanding the ecosystem. As a part of this effort, we have conducted research and development related to Amazon Web Services (AWS) based blockchain nodes.

Since registering as an AWS Select Technology Partner in June 2020, we have developed a cloud computing service-based blockchain node product that can be used widely. As a result, APIS Core AMI has been released on AWS Marketplace in July 2021.

In addition, through continuous security monitoring and performance feedback, instance updates have been carried out with improved performance, reliability, and the latest security patch. We have also made Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that can provide a better user experience.

APIS Core AMI 2022 version which is based on the new APIS Core for Docker and server settings has been successfully validated and registered on AWS Marketplace, completing compatibility and performance verification on Amazon Web Services.

AMI Name : APIS Preloaded AMI 2022-May-001

AWS Marketplace product page : https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/prodview-olr2cwwjoaojk

Using improved APIS Core Docker 2022 image, APIS Core AMI applied the following AWS Machine Image updates and 2022 Preloaded version updates :

  • Upgrade the operating system to Ubuntu 20.04
  • Change APIS Core loading script to speed up node startup
  • Apply changed APIS BI
  • Latest package with security patches that reflect Log4Shell vulnerabilities
  • Add block data created and validated by Jan 6, 2022 (Block Number 11,923,700)
  • Reduce block synchronization completion time after installation from 10–14 days to less than 3 hours

To learn more about APIS Core for Docker, refer to part 5 of the following guide.

For existing users, please refer to part 7 of the guide to update Docker Image update.

APIS Core for Docker Guide : https://hub.docker.com/r/apisplatform/apisj

APIS Team will research and develop blockchain technology constantly using cloud computing. Based on this, we will update solutions that users and network contributors can leverage, such as AWS AMI and Docker Image.

Thank you.

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