Answering the Most Common Questions Around LandEx

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Getting started on LandEx is super easy.

Just go to, register, and start your land investment journey in minutes.

Before you get started, we’ll answer questions users often have when signing up on LandEx.

1. What Is LandEx?

Landex is an investment platform enabling anyone to invest in plots of land.

You can use the web version on, download the iOS app, or the Android app.

2. How Do Investors Earn Money?

Investors earn money in two ways.

The first is land appreciation. Land appreciates fast, so LandEx users can grow their holdings very quickly.

The second way is through cash yield. Some of our lands are rented out to farmers or earn money thanks to resources exploitation such as timber.

In that case, users receive their dividends every year in February.

Users realize their gains when they sell their investments. There are three moments when they can do so.

  1. At any time: users can sell their investment at any time in our secondary market.
  2. 1 year after investing: LandEx relists primary listings every 12 months to give users a chance to sell.
  3. When a good occasion arises: LandEx puts up to vote the decision to sell when an external buyer wishes to buy the listing at an above-market price. If more than 80% of investors vote in favor to sell, then the listing is sold.

3. Who Owns the Land on LandEx?

Buying land is a long and costly process. This is why we take care of it.

When you invest on LandEx, you buy shares in a loan backed by the land.

When the value of the land goes up, so does the value of your shares.

4. How Is the Portfolio Calculation Done?

LandEx uses a financial model that forecasts the appreciation of your land live. Since there is no “stock market” for land, prices mainly depend on supply and demand.

The value of the indicator “price appreciation” is theoretical, and can only be tested once you list your land on the secondary market.

As a result, you may actually sell your investment at a higher price than the one forecasted by LandEx.

5. What Is the Difference Between the Primary and Secondary Markets?

The primary market is the crowdfunding market. This is where LandEx users come together to invest in a plot of land.

The secondary market is where LandEx users buy and sell land to each other.

The land is often cheaper to buy on the primary market than it is on the secondary market.

6. Why Hasn’t the Deposit Showed on my Account yet?

The process to receive the deposit can take up to 48 hours.


Getting started on LandEx is easy and fast. Go to, sign up, and begin investing in minutes!

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