ANDREW TATE UNCENSORED — Get Good At Taking Money (Part 1)


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There are three keys, I believe, to making money. The word of the day. First one’s perspicacity.

Most people go through life and they do not pay attention. I’ve said this before and I want to stick by it because it’s so important. You need to pay attention to every single time you spend money because you cannot make money.

You’re not a Federal Reserve. You’re not the government. Governments make money. All of us take money from somebody else or business or government. We take money from other things. So the easiest way to learn how to get good at taking money is to pay attention. Every time someone takes money from you.

So next time you buy coffee, don’t just buy the coffee and drink it and think nothing of it like every brokey. Don’t do that. OK.

Why am I buying this coffee? OK, I want a coffee. Why am I buying here? Well, this is on my way to work. Is there any competition around? Do I also want breakfast? Do they sell breakfast? No, they don’t. So breakfast. The company makes some more money there. Some breakfast. Anyway, I walk in. There’s a long line.

Why is there one member of staff? I’m low on time. I’m about to leave. And not buy the coffee. They’re about to lose money because it’s taking too long. Most people in this line are businessmen. Why isn’t a cute girl behind the counter? I bet if they paid a cute girl a little bit more. They’d still make a bunch more money.

People come in here to talk to her.

Think. And then what you’ll do is, as you go through life, every time you spend money, as you’ll realize the problem is not how to make money. The problem is how much time you have. Because there’s endless business ideas. There’s endless ideas.

I walk to a coffee shop, and by the time I’ve walked out, I already know exactly how to open up next door and out compete them head to toe.

I already have worked out, how much is the rent? Where are they fucking up? What are they not selling? They should be selling what they are doing good? What are they doing bad? This chair’s too hard. I’ll wreck them and I’ll send.

And now my network is so powerful, which is the second point network. I can send a few messages on WhatsApp, make a bank transfer, and two months later there’s a brand new coffee shop next door with my name on it.

What am I putting my business? So the first thing is you have to pay attention because if you pay attention, you’ll start to learn that money is everywhere.

Every building is owned. These are skyscrapers, billion, billion, billion, billions. Every apartment nowadays is a million, million, million. You drive down a street in London, you’re driving cars, trillions of dollars, money everywhere.

It’s all around us. When I was broke, I thought that the world was broke. I thought that there was no money. And then I got rich and realized that I was completely out there wrong. There’s so much money. It’s everywhere. If I go to try and buy a plane or a jet, they’re always sold out. My, yacht is a fucking six year waiting list.

I want a bugatti. They launch it. The email comes to my email address 2 minutes later, it’s gone. There’s so much money. If I want a diamond, watch or $1,000,000 watch. $1,000,000 rolex. You can’t get this stuff. There is so much money out there. Once you get to a certain echelon, you realize there’s money fucking everywhere. So there’s plenty of money in the world.

People with no money are just not very good at taking it. So you need to start paying attention first thing.

Second thing is network. It’s hard to make money if you don’t know anybody who has money. If you sit in a room full of ice cream experts and all they talk about is ice cream, how to make ice cream and different flavors, how to store it, how to move it, how to sell it, even by accident.

If you hang around these people long enough, when someone asks you a question about ice cream, that’s going to you don’t know the answer.

You say, You know what? That’s because it’s pistachio and that needs to be two degrees higher than chocolate and then you look a smart ass. So if you sit in a room full of people who are making a bunch of money, everyone understands this.

Your network is your network. You’re the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Everybody understands this. And then they still hang around with fucking losers because they’re dummies. You’re right. I am the sum of the five year olds for the most time with. Anyway, this is my friend Nick. He’s so funny when we go drinking because he gets really drunk. Ha ha ha ha.

I don’t talk to anybody who is not winning. Everybody who’s phone, every phone call, I will answer my I answer a phone call is from a winner. I don’t talk to losers. Everyone I talked to is rich. Everyone I talk to is making money. Everybody. If my entire reality is full of multimillionaires making money, how am I not going to make money?

And this is why network is so important is because it’s the same reason that wolves hunt in packs. If you’re a lone animal, you have one set of eyes. But if you’re a pack, you’re watching every single angle, every single side. Perhaps I might miss something. I’m as perspicacious as possible. But one of my friends identifies that the war in Ukraine is going to change, and the Russian ruble is going to pop.

You can make a bunch of money on a foreign street, for example. I may not have noticed. He’ll notice now I’ve made a bunch of million dollars for a text message. Right, because I have friends who are paying attention. All of us are paying attention.

So your network is super important. That’s another thing. But second is network. And third is to identify the reason why you don’t have as much money as you want so far.

And there’s one of three reasons…