And I felt my soul singing.


Or why I’m going full time into the climate space.

As a kid I used to devour fantasy literature. And while unaware, those books thought me about Nature 🌍 .
Its depth and strengths. Its role as a never-ending source of magic and wisdom. Nature was the setting of incredible adventures and far-reaching destinies, and thus I learnt to respect it, and as one dreamy kid, I also came to believe that I could either find or build such fantastic realities… ✨

Fast forward many years, I got a brief chance to work in the civic society space, and through the incredible work of incredible movements such as Guardians of the Forest, Extinction Rebellion and Fridays For Future I finally understood Nature from a lens of reality. The fight for Nature, waged by a huge, common-sense possessing majority, against a system (bolstered by few) that sees Nature as a mere externality to be exploited for money 💸 .

So when this pandemic hit, when the latest IPCC report came out with dire warnings and when the effects of climate change began to undoubtedly ravage our home, affecting us ALL and threatening our collective future; I knew I couldn’t work from the sidelines anymore. I felt deeply troubled by all this and even disgusted by witnessing such callous systemic inaction. I realized that I had absorbed enough knowledge already so time it was to get skin in the game.

I felt my soul singing for purpose.

And now honoring my fantasy-loving inner kid I’m now going to help build fantastic realities. That’s why I decided to dedicate my entire career to stopping human-generated climate change. Envisioning, creating and scaling a Solarpunk-worthy future in that process 🔆.

There are a myriad things that need to change, and a lot of movements that need to be started in order to re build our global economy as a sustainable mechanism. The complexity of it all is something that lots of us struggle with, but there’s a road to be taken here. One lesson:

There are, as well, myriads of mediums to generate positive impact in regards of stopping climate change + building a sustainable future.

So today, right now, I’m taking the first step of many and that’s why I’m quitting my current job and going full time into the climate (tech) scene. Joining a fantastic team at Leoparda Electric as a founding (software) engineer. We‘re building the electric mobility infrastructure for the entirety of Latin America 🌎 ⚡️.

Step by step, as always.

PS: We’re also hiring internationally!