Anchorage Digital Launches Capital Strategy, Connecting Crypto Organizations and Financial…


Capital Strategy offers exclusive access and strategic introductions for crypto managers and firms, connecting them with institutions actively allocating to the digital asset ecosystem.

Today, Anchorage Digital is pleased to launch Capital Strategy, a new capital introduction offering that provides unique networking opportunities for crypto organizations and financial institutions.

Having the first federally chartered digital asset bank in the United States, Anchorage sits at the intersection of traditional finance and the digital asset ecosystem, providing windows — and connections — into both worlds. Our ability to connect crypto organizations with financial institutions helps to build bridges between DeFi and traditional investment, supporting the growing institutional interest in digital assets.

“The team will leverage extensive crypto-native experience with deep relationships in the institutional allocator community to help existing clients, across hedge funds, VC’s and protocols access potential partners, and will also play a key role in crypto education for allocators.”

— Nicole Civitello, Head of Capital Strategy at Anchorage Digital

The new effort will be led by Nicole Civitello, an experienced member of the Anchorage Sales team with an extensive background in capital introductions. During her career Nicole has consulted to hedge funds and alternative asset management companies on how to strategically grow their platforms via institutional partners including foundations, endowments, family offices and consultants. Anchorage is also actively hiring for several roles within this team which are listed on our careers page.

“Capital Strategy allows Anchorage to connect crypto players with a wide range of financial institutions — including pensions, foundations, endowments, wealth managers, and family offices. The new offering builds on our longstanding relationships in both traditional and decentralized finance, breaking down barriers between Wall Street and the digital asset ecosystem.”

— Camilla Churcher, Head of Sales at Anchorage Digital

Global Connections

While the crypto ecosystem is borderless, the world of financial relationships is not. Our Capital Strategy offering brings a global and crypto-native perspective to relationship building, meeting a critical need in the industry.

There might be a family office in Singapore looking to invest in a blockchain protocol, or a wealth manager in Dubai hoping to invest in a digital asset fund. But often, there is a gap between the financial institutions and the crypto organizations.

This is where Anchorage comes in: through events and one-on-one meetings, Capital Strategy will connect financial institutions with crypto organizations, forging global partnerships.

Future of Finance

Institutional crypto is the future of finance, and our new Capital Strategy offering is just another step toward the mainstream adoption of digital assets.

Anchorage is proud to offer Capital Strategy as a complement to our custody, staking, trading, financing, and other services — providing a fully integrated platform that supports our clients at every step of their digital asset journey.

If you’d like to learn more about our offerings, please get in touch.

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