Analysis of CRODO Youtube channel from an investor’s point of view

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Hello everyone! I continue my series of articles about my favorite crypto project of the year 2022 — CRODO.IO launchpad, powered by Cronos, Binance Smart Chain, Chia and Avalanche ecosystem.

Today we’re going to take a look at the YouTube channel of the CRODO platform and see what they have interesting on YouTube. We’ll find out how many views they have on their videos, and how people reacted to their videos, and at the end of this article, I’ll share with you my ideas on exactly how and what you can use this YouTube content for. So, here we go!

Go to the channel at

Let’s see — the registration date is February 11, total number of views is 1800. In total there are about 50 videos on the channel, the first video was added 2 months ago.

Most of the videos posted on Crodo’s YouTube are logos in the form of video graphics, and there are really a lot of them here. I’ve poked around a few logos to see what they are. They’re basically interesting intros in the form of intros. There are a total of 38 of them on the channel.

What are the views of these logos? The maximum number of views I found on videos with logos is 92. And the average is about 10–15 views per logo video. This is very specific content.

Also on the channel is a video called Pitch. Who doesn’t know — a pitch is a kind of brief presentation of a project, which is made for investors during different investment rounds. In this pitch you will find a brief presentation of the Krodo project, information about why CronosChain was chosen as the main ecosystem, problems and solutions, information about Tires, roadmaps, and information about backers and partners.

By the way, the information about bakers and partners is outdated, there are many more today. This pitch video has 407 views, it was posted on March 20, which means that in 1.5 months the video has accumulated a decent number of views. Also under this video are 5 comments in English, all of them positive and wishing the project good luck.

So, how can you use the 38 video graphics videos that are posted on Crodo’s YouTube? You can use them both for your articles and for your video clips as previews. The team doesn’t forbid it, so go for it!

I’d suggest updating the project’s YouTube channel more often, and adding videos of AMA sessions.

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