An explanation about the designation of Investment Warning Digital Asset


Hello, this is APIS Team.

Regarding the designation of Investment Warning Digital Asset on April 22, 2022, we would like to deliver our official response.

As previously announced, APIS Team is currently preparing for a new project, ‘Nodey’, to branch out into the NFT sector that has received the most attention in the recent blockchain market. We have accumulated technical and business resources through the continuous operation of the APIS Platform and APIS Mainnet, so we are trying our best to apply its experience to develop Nodey.

Since it was a project that would become the main business of the APIS Team, continuous and comprehensive planning was needed before the official announcement. It was hard for us to share the APIS Team’s business and development progress with the community and the exchange because of this situation. Some of the milestones that should have been implemented were also revised in conjunction with Nodey, but the reveal schedule was planned after Nodey’s announcement so it could not be released on time.

Therefore, we would like to explain how we deal with the current situation. We have shared the details of the project and development related to the APIS Platform, APIS Mainnet, and the new NFT project through explanatory materials. We also provided the development and business status of the foundation.

Regarding the existing non-fulfillment of the explanatory materials, which was one of the reasons for the designation, we either shared the change or implemented plans with a modified plan due to a new business direction centered on Nodey NFT. ‘APISwap’ and ‘Multi-Chain Data Storage System’ were launched based on Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain in conjunction with the NFT business direction to fulfill the previous announcement.

To revitalize the community, we improved the management of communication channels through community managers, continued community events using bots, and shared announcements while releasing new content.

In addition to the continuous improvement of the current services, APIS Team will try our best to launch and operate the Nodey project successfully. Not only achieving key Nodey milestones but also actively sharing and communicating the various Nodey business and development.

[Key milestones related to Nodey]

  • Nodey NFT Minting
  • Organizing Nodey communities, and Offline events
  • Launching and migration of Nodey Land (Tentatively entitled) on APIS Platform
  • Transformation of APIS Platform Blockchain Incentive Products
  • Launching new products for Nodey Owners
  • Arranging some marketing events to activate Nodey / Nodey Land ecosystem

Thank you.


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