An Exclusive Inside Look of upcoming Entrepreneur Sultan `Hamza´Sultan


Almost every major analyst believes that the recent years have permanently changed the overall social, economic, and geopolitical landscape in every major market. A seemingly unstoppable flood of global changes had rushed through the first month of 2021, looming over every major international financial market with an obvious sense of concerns.

However, for some of the multi-talented youth like Hamza Sultan, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity. The young business visionary and established lifestyle specialist has seized the opportunity and effectively positioned himself with a new business venture and thoughts at the forefront of the ever-changing “new normality.”

The Sultan Academy, which became synonymous with risk-free, high-impact, and high-quality initiatives, is one of Sultan’s businesses, as is Sultan & Melik’s. A dropshipping company that specializes on phone accessories. Which resulted in successfully sold electronics to several thousands of customers worldwide. It has sparked a major upheaval at the core of this ultra-competitive business vertical, causing billionaires like Bernard Arnault, a Frenchman, to see their net worth surge in recent years.

For this rising and outspoken new generation, the sky is certainly not the limit; Aiming for the moon and landing among the stars.

Sultan Academy logo

Hamza Sultan gave us an interview recently in which he laid out his vision and highlighted a few critical strategic insights:

  1. What is your modern-day “secret recipe” for financial success?

This is a question I am frequently asked. To be honest, it’s far too obscure to answer. That depends on your age, where you were born, when you were born, and so on. So many factors. If it wasn’t for COVID I would never have had enough time to come up with any business ideas or execute them to the extend we did.

2. As a young Entrepreneur, where do you see the future of business going?

Of course, the most significant development I anticipate is the global market’s transformation to an all-online marketplace. During the Covid-19 outbreak, this thought was amplified even more. Many retailers are being forced to perform business online, and those who do not adapt are gradually going out of business.

I believe that this inconvenience we faced have pushed the transformation of digitalization, and that is a good thing. Being able to adapt with where the world is heading is key. Several businesses in the past went under because they did not know how to adapt to change. I believe that, for me at least, being aware of the past history have helped me develop new ideas for the present time.

3. Can you share the story of Sultan Academy with our readers?

Sultan Academy is a funny story. I was playing CoD late at night and I got into a conversation with a randome guy talking about the market and the impacts of COVID. I made some calls and one thing led to another, next thing i know we are developing a business where we help people reach the goal of self sufficency in the Stock market.

We ran it for about a year and then University opened back up and I actually had to show up to class. I tried managing The Academy and my studies, but I couldnt fully commit to one of them. So I took the hard choice with my fellow business partners and decided that money can always be made, let’s finish university and then take it from there.

  • Jan Petersen