American People Are Getting a Pay Cut With Their Raise

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Everyone wants more money. You’re working hard every day. There is that raise they promised you. You want it. Hell, you deserve it. There’s no one who stays as late as you. It’s normal to feel the way you do.

Afterall, hard work should earn you the right to get some more.

The issue with your paycheck is also what you value in work ethic. It turns out your raise is leaving the boss’ office too late.

What happens when more is less?


What happens when larger numbers get you a whole lot less.

The issue with your paycheck is also what you value in work ethic. It turns out your raise is leaving the boss’ office too late.

I’m not playing games with you. This isn’t a riddle. I am not trying to patronize you. I am quite serious. I’m serious about waking you up.

We all know about inflation.

This is not an article about inflation. You can watch CNN for that. I am talking about something else. I’m talking about how people manipulate you. How they pat you on your back after an insult.

I’m talking about the ultimate gaslight offense.

Are you ready? I’m about to put the pedal to the floor. Forget gaslighting. We’re about to redline our way to the point.


Do you want one dollar or one hundred dollars? If you’re first thought is, “I want one hundred dollars!” than you’re answering the question wrong.

You should want one dollar.

You should not want today’s dollar though.

You should want the dollar of 1934.

A 1934's $1 purchasing power is about $21.45 today. This is an increase of $20.45 over 88 years. Don’t pay attention to the reported “inflation”. Look instead at change of purchasing power to see the truth. The dollar’s average debasement rate was 23.24488% per year between 1934 and today.

The debasement rate of our dollar from 1934 to now means our government debased the US dollar a cumulative rate of 2,045.55% over 88 years.

Another way to look it is today’s prices are 21.46 times higher than average prices of 1934. These numbers are according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index.

A dollar today only buys 4.661% of what it could buy back then.

Markets change. Demand affects things. I know. Markets don’t swing this much though.


Now you have some knowledge. This article was designed to be a bit shorter. I want this information out to help you. So I need to take into account the attention span of all people. I hope this knowledge enables you to look at your raise properly. Most people didn’t get a raise this year.

If your boss gave you that $2 bump, he actually paid you less.

Your boss couldn’t afford to pay you yesterday’s rate. He knew the needed bump was an extra $3.50. He decided to cut you off at the knees. Then he tricked you. He said it was the largest pay increase in a decade.


Everyone’s being paid less than they were yesterday.

Everyone’s citing housing cost, food prices and gas. There’s a lot of truth to that. The truth of the matter is you need to make at least the amount you made last year. Don’t let everyone fool you. Don’t listen to the politicians spin a higher number.

Listen to the fact you can’t buy what you used to.

Unless you job is offering you what you made yesterday it’s not a real offer. Well, it is an offer. It’s just a bad one. Know your worth. Know what your labor value is.

Don’t let employers shortchange you. I’m not talking about the saying. I’m literally talking about them not paying you enough. I would be upset if someone gave me a quarter when they promised me a dollar.

Remember to collect your dollar.

To your knowledge success!


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