America My Bills Are Due Can You Give Me A Credit Card?

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I know.

You’ve read a million articles about monetary collapse.

I’m not talking monetary collapse.

Every great writer predicted America’s end with failure. Every good economist forecasted American recession prior to record surges. Every person trading leverage watched the US Federal Reserve wipe out their trade.

The federal reserves’ non-crypto-related announcement plunged Bitcoin. What does the interest rate increase have to do with Bitcoin?


Then again…everything.

It seems something which has no technical bearing on crypto can affect it negatively. An odd fact is emotions govern our markets.

Seems facts and emotions don’t mix very well. Feelings can upset the natural trend of things. Then again…maybe some feelings are the trend?

Have you ever heard of trusting your gut feeling?


Russia’s gut feeling is leading them to play a gamble. Russia’s government is gambling the world is fed up with hypocrisy.

I think I am too.

My stakes are not as high as the Russian government though.

Just because we share some similar ideologies on hypocrisy does not mean we are the same.

I am nothing like them.

We are different.

Despite our dissimilarity there are a lot of people in the world. Many feel the same way the Russian government does about the US economy. Our US government has more than abused our economy.

The difference between the Russian Government and me?

I’m not risking my entire financial well-being, future existence, and political aspirations for what I want.

No matter how you cut that Russian cake though; there is an issue with Russian government actions.

The Russian government just wants what it wants. Call The Russian government’s actions whatever. Call them security interests. Call them imperial aspirations. Call them a resource war. Call them a fight for survival. Call them denazification.

It doesn’t really matter what you call them.

The bottom line is Russia decided to take what it wants.



But…there is something there. The truth is hidden in lies.

The lies have a house. The house shelters residents but the residents are trapped. The landlord is an overseer. This overseer beats their residents. Further and further down. Until they are so low, they can’t go any lower.

Who are they?


To be clear no one is buying anything. I hear people saying they bought a house. Then I ask them how they did it.

The normal answer?

‘We took out a mortgage.’

According to 64.8% of total home purchases in 2020 were done with a mortgage. Of those numbers 55% of them financed a home purchase with a down payment of less than 6%.

According to Experian the average mortgage debt in the United States was $208,185 in 2020.

The more dire of these numbers is in home ownership. 78% of homeownership is among people 65 and older. My generation (millennials) only sports a whopping 36.5% home ownership rate.

There is only a 1 in 3 chance someone my age has a home with debt. There is only a 14.6% chance someone my age has a paid off house (using Forbes statistic evenly that 40% of all homes are mortgage free).

Want to hear something even scarier?

91% of all consumer loans issued in 2020 were buy now, pay later loans in states like California.

Afterpay, Affirm and a host of others are coming to the market. They are coming to the market to do one thing. These companies are keeping up the American standard of living by letting Americans “borrow”.


Rome didn’t collapse. Rome faded away over about a thousand years. There was no great loot or great fire. Rome went from a population of about 500,000 at the turn of the 5th century to about 25,000 by the mid 5th century AD.

Rome survived through the eastern Roman Empire in Constantinople (Modern day Istanbul) until 1453.

Rome gradually faded away into existence.

America is doing the same.

America gets everything by borrowing it. Be honest if you’re an American. You know I am telling the truth. Please don’t cry out as the exception to say, “I don’t use credit!”. The exception is not the rule. Clothes, houses, cars and even groceries are being financed.

Most people living in America don’t have enough money for necessities. Inflation is soaring in things like eggs (whichwent up over 50% this year)


America just keeps borrowing. Biden is aware the optics look bad. That is why Biden made the “historical” announcement the government will pay down America’s debt by nearly a trillion dollars.

After six years of no payments, I could make a single payment too.

In the consumer world Experian would put me in collections, call me a untrustworthy borrower and recommend everyone stay away from me.

Joe that announcement wasn’t historical. Joe it wasn’t that great.


The scary thing is the Russian Government’s gamble. Russia is gambling the world is going to stop lending money to America.

This is very risky.

This is very dangerous.

Will it happen in our lifetime? I think so.

Will it happen this year? I don’t think so.

Then again…no one thought World War I or World War II would happen. Then it happened.

The world thinks America is not going to be able to borrow its way out for much longer. My argument? Someone launched a war on that idea and is killing thousands of people. I don’t know how much more credible of a reference you need than that.

Most of the world is not NATO or EUROPE. Much of the world (country wise) did not vote to condemn Russia.

“NATO is an alliance of 30 member states. In addition to the USA and Canada on the American continent, these are numerous European states. All member states together cover an area of 24.59 m km² and about 946.59 m people. This is 16.27% of the world’s habitable area and 12.20% of the world’s population.” (Source: WorldData)


Remember individual thoughts are opinions. Opinions can be based on emotions. Emotions are facts. The fact someone feels their opinion is real is a fact. The validity of this fact is not in question. The existence is enough.

This is not a debate on validity. This is a recognition.

Someone’s opinion can cause a war, cause a market crash or ultimately be the reason they don’t lend America money.

I don’t lend some people money because I believe they won’t give it back. That doesn’t make my thoughts true…it just means I believe what I believe. That’s enough for me to say no. Maybe they will pay it back. My opinion just means I believe what I believe.

That can be enough for America to be told no too. That can be enough for all the credit cards to suddenly stop working. That can be enough for banks to stop giving out mortgages.

Don’t ignore all opinions. Some opinions factually decide your life. Even if those opinions are wrong.

To your knowledge success!


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