Airdrops: Past, Present and Future

  1. Get DROPPED in the Bear Market

In our last iteration we discussed basic concepts of the airdrop movement as a whole, and introduced the novel platform that Airdrop Protocol has created, which removes the clutter, confusion, and overall tedious tasks of previous airdrop models. Airdrop Protocol is proud to offer our services to all crypto communities and the world at large. We are focused on creating a simple user experience while providing utility and deep underlying value for our community.

At a time where FUD is ever present, we observe that a lack of confidence in the crypto market holds prices in bear market territory. And rightfully so. With so many projects over-promising and under-delivering, scams appearing left and right, and a lack of overall education in the space, it does not come as a surprise for the market to be in its current situation. However, these factors should not deter away the forward thinking, the persistent, and the extremely dedicated individuals within the crypto community. These factors certainly do not deter away those founders who are composed of sincere altruistic values and visionary thinking. These are the kinds of leaders we need to wake up the crypto market from its hibernation and propel it into the arena where bulls thrive and succeed.

We are Airdrop Protocol. Here to provide the entire cryptocurrency community with education on the newest projects, while simultaneously ensuring the easiest process of obtaining airdrops to the hottest up-and-coming projects.

Airdrops of Crypto Past

Throughout its relatively short history, crypto markets have offered its users a range of airdrops and the monetary benefits that come along with it. These benefits were almost always difficult to come by. Those who were lucky enough to have heard about these projects were able to receive these airdrops, but would have to partake in various mundane tasks to get their rewards. That being said, those who did receive these drops certainly enjoyed the monetary benefits from those particular projects. Some of the most lucrative and worthwhile airdrops of the past were Metamask, Uniswap, and Sandbox, to name a few. However, if you weren’t quick or fortunate enough, you would have missed the opportunity to even apply.

Now let’s say you were quick enough to become aware of these airdrops. Do you think you would have participated in various steps required by these campaigns, such as: tagging 3 friends, retweeting twitter posts, etc? Keep in mind, this process is just to have a chance to get an airdrop. It is safe to say that the vast majority of individuals would not go through all of these steps. We understand.

Airdrops of Crypto Future

Airdrop Protocol’s goal is to revolutionize the way people receive airdrops. We do not want anyone to miss out on significant opportunities the future holds. This is why we built a protocol to change the traditional way people partake in airdrops, making it as easy as possible. Simply hold and stake the native $DROP token and start receiving airdrops from the most lucrative projects coming out within the crypto space. Our sustainable revenue model utilizes a 10% tax per transaction. This tax allows the protocol to purchase and redistribute the best airdrops out there to our users, providing ultimate benefit and utility to $DROP holders.

Get DROPPED in the Bear Market

Although we are in the depths of a bear market cycle, we are focused and dedicated to not only becoming a rising star within crypto, but also continue to strengthen our technology so we can provide long term benefits to the community for years to come. Airdrop Protocol is focused on providing airdrops to crypto enthusiasts during this bear market and every market cycle that will come. We are here for you. Together, we are all going to create an environment of success.

Within the coming weeks we will start engaging even further with our dedicated community in the form of giveaways, contests, and various other exciting initiatives that will expand the reach of Airdrop Protocol. Stay up to date with us and make sure to check out our social platforms below. GET DROPPED!

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