I joined the LAP program around April 2022 and have successfully introduce five people to LAP to start their journey to financial freedom but…..

Firstly I will briefly explain the meaning of affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is basically promoting one’s business, service or product, when one buys a product using your unique affiliate link you earn a percentage of commission.

Now there are many affiliate programs out there. PC Flowers and Gifts according to my research was the first affiliate program around ’89. There after we had other affiliate programs like;

Amazon Affiliate Program, Jumia Affiliate Program, Click bank Affiliate Program, Expertnaire Affiliate Program, Learnoflix Affiliate Program, AffiliatedNG, etc. The few listed above are the affiliate programs I’ve heard of and done a research about there are many more affiliate programs out, just make sure if your introduced to one you do a thorough research but for the sake of this article I would be talking about LEARNOFLIX AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

Learnoflix Affiliate Program(LAP) just like any other Affiliate Program sells digital products to people in need of it. The founder of the LAP is Sam Harvard, and there are over 60.1k users, 20k affiliate (affiliates are people that sell the digital products to people in need of the service(s)), 200M pay out, 14+ skills. There are different types of digital products or skills on Learnoflix like; copywriting, presenting skills, sales funnel building social media marketing and so on. With LAP you would be taught at a skill and given the opportunity to pick any skills you want to promote or sell.

The LAP have a basic package worth $30.11 approximately12 500 naira and the VIP package worth $100 approximately 50,000 naira.

PROS: There are amazing digital products on LAP.

An every Saturday zoom meeting with financial coaches that have made millions through affiliate marketing. where they share secrets to making your first sales and the right financial mindset to start your journey to financial freedom.

You learn up to over 14 different skills and 56 ways to monetize them as a novice.

CONS: Concerning the registration with the basic package you get limited access or rather no access at all to the digital products. With the basic program you get to sell only the 30 DIC (30 days income challenge).

Upgrading to the VIP package means paying $100 all over. I started with the basic package and wanted to upgrade to the VIP what LAP wont tell you is that you can’t add money to the basic program to upgrade cause that’s what I thought when starting my financial journey with LAP, but its false.

If you’re someone looking for a means to make money online, affiliate marketing is one of the legit ways to start and with LAP you can start your journey to financial freedom I will advice you start out with the VIP package as to enjoy access to the digital products on sale with the basic package is quite hard to make sell take it from me. Your willing to register you can use this link to get started and also introduce your friends or loved ones interested to start earning a six digit figure.

Is LAP scam or legit? LAP is 100% legit.

Who is LAP for? LAP is for everyone. A business owner in need of more sales online, you have job but need extra means to earn, a student, unemployed, a network marketer who wants to grow your team and rank high, a real estate broker who wants to sell more properties, etc.

Does LAP work outside Nigeria? YES! It does.