About “Finance Pearly Gates”


Hey, everyone! Welcome to the “Finance Pearly Gates” aka heaven for the people who would like to invest in stocks as per their analysis of a particular company. Why do we call it “heaven”? Because we make the process of analysis easier for novice investors as well who might not be aware of most of the important factors to track down which direction a particular company’s stocks might take.

We have built this project keeping in mind the importance of financial literacy and have attempted to make the given information be easily understood by anyone.

On our website, we provide-

1. A list of various companies from different sectors and industry

You can find companies that’s been registered under NYSE, NASDAQ, NSE or BSE and can click on learn more to open info page about that company. You can search for your desired company using the search bar given.

2. Info page of each and every company

You can easily click on any card to open details about a particular company. We broke down the data fetched from the api (more about the api usage later in the article) in terms of graphs and tables for the user to better visualize and map the details while analysing.

3. Tooltips on hovering any given quantity on the page

And here’s why our website is no less than a heaven! We not only have provided the data but also information about the technical terms presented on the website. Just hover over the term you don’t have an idea about to see what it means and why and how it must be used to get a better understanding of it.

4. Keep track of the shares you own-

A person can google stuff and find out all the info to assist his research, then why use Finance Pearly Gates?”

  • Well first of all we are providing all the data in a manner that will help novice people as they might not be aware of each and every term.
  • And second of all we provide functionality to add shares that you have alongwith their quantities. That is what’s unique to “Finance Pearly Gates”.
  • You can signup on our site and use it as a personal shares management tool by adding shares and at the same time keep checking onto them by visiting your profile and clicking on the share that you have added.

5. Read latest business news by visiting Read News tab given in the sidebar-

Just the data from the company is not enough to judge about it, what’s happening around the company and what recent changes it has gotten through matters as well. An example- “just a tweet from elon musk can impact the market ;p ” Similarily there are a lot of other factors other than influential people that might cause a upward or a downward curve and that’s why being updated is important. And we have provided that as well (indeed a finance heaven).

That’s about the user side of our web-app and its functionlities, in this section let’s explore the technical aspects of the application.

1. Tech Stack Used-

Our application has been built using MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node). React.js has been used on the frontend and backend has been built using Node.js and Express.js with MongoDB as the database to store information about the user and shares added by him which he own.

2. APIs Used-

The whole application has been built using Restful APIs.

What is REST API? REST API is an API that adheres to Restful design. It is a data oriented approach that uses HTTP requests such as put, post, get, delete are used to Create, Update, Read and Delete (CURD) the data in server based on client’s request.

We have used 3 APIs for the frontend and 7 APIs for the backend. And have tested them using Postman Platform.

Frontend APIs-

  1. Aletheia API to fetch data of a particular company. -

We have used Aletheia stock data api to get the data of a particular company by using param “symbol” which is unique to each and every company.

You can check the documentation from here- https://aletheiaapi.com/docs/#stock-data

2. News API to fetch news -

We have fetched top 25 results from the API and the news is fetched using parameter “country” which is the country code and parameter “category” which is the category of the news fetched. In our case we have fetched latest business data of India.

Check the documentation using the below link- https://newsapi.org/

3. Alpha Vantage API to fetch graph data-

We have fetched the price of the company on a monthly basis from this API and shown plotted it in terms if a graph.

Check the API documentation using the below link- https://www.alphavantage.co/

Backend APIs-

  1. User Signup API

We have sent post request in POST https://finance-apppp-backend.herokuapp.com/api/signup to save the details of the user.

2. User Login API-

We have sent post request in POST https://finance-apppp-backend.herokuapp.com/api/login in order to authorize user.

3. Forget Password API-

We have sent post request in POST https://finance-apppp-backend.herokuapp.com/api/forgetpassword to get email of the user in order to send reset password link on their email.

After sending this post request user will receive an email to reset his password.

4. Add Share API-

We have sent post request in POST https://finance-apppp-backend.herokuapp.com/api/addshare to save the details of the shares of the user in a particular company.

Tip: Make sure you have provided id of the user in the body of the request and also don’t forget to provide the bearer-token in the authorization section and content-type in the header section. as application/json

Send post request as shown in image.

5. Get All Share API

We have sent get request in GET https://finance-apppp-backend.herokuapp.com/api/addshare?id=637e3d48255c2e8bdf944b3 to save the details of the shares of the user in a particular company.

Tip: Make sure you have provided user-id for quering the shares of the user and also don’t forget to provide the auth-token and content-type in the header section. Give content-type as application/json.

And that’s all about our project “Finance Pearly Gates”.