A Quick Recap of SuperEx’s Past and Future Vision

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SuperEx has been prolific by having astonishing achievements since its first announcement on the project in 2021. All those achievements belong to the user itself. Without the support of the users, SuperEx wouldn’t go this far. If we take a quick look back on the past, there are many historic moments we witnessed through SuperEx’s ups and downs.

One billion ET token issuance could be marked as a milestone in project development. In addition, ET tokens empower the ET ecosystem and play a vital role in Gas fees in future public chains. The public chain, SuperEx is aimed to launch will bring customers streamlined transaction services on its mainnet, with fast speed, secure and protective policies towards user assets. Moreover, SuperEx has achieved its first 1000+ spot trading record, listed the first 150+ more tokens for futures transactions, and configured the leverage trading scale to support up to 150 times of leverage at maximum. Comprehensive evaluation schemes are implemented to overview the projects on the waitlist to prioritize the high-potential and user-friendly projects and weed out grey-area projects full of potential harm to the whole SuperEx ecosystem and users’ interests. Cultivating a high quality and healthy atmosphere for users is one of the most significant tenets to which SuperEx firmly adheres. After that, the Super Wallet came to the surface to meet the mass SuperEx users’ demand to provide them with an easy-access, user-friendly, secure, and fast HD wallet. Super Wallet and SuperEx exchange both do not require any KYC (know your client) terms to ask users to submit their identity information which allows users to keep their assets free from monitoring, safe, and private. It effectively resolves asset safety concerns of the investors whose region is hostile to blockchain trading. In early 2022, SuperEx witnessed its brand-new journey with its Startup Coins Zone to help new projects reach out to their supporters and maintain organic growth. Commission rebates are issued to benefit the patrons in love with the projects or the traders who find passion in commission rewards, a reward system with high returns depending on the number of referrals. The upcoming plug-in version of the Super Wallet will mark a new era for Super Wallet in which Dapps and various blockchain projects are supported to proceed with transactions just by adding the plug-in version in their targeted network or platform Dapps.

The concrete vision of the SuperEx in the current stage could be incompletely outlined to below points:

  • Creating a platform in which projects are easy to reach

We offer SuperEx exchange to let people trade freely without interfering with their privacy. Users are only one click away from the platform; they can create accounts without KYC and chooses different trading options ranging from spot trading to futures. The 150 times leverage enables traders with maximized trading possibilities. Order books with timely price updates, charts by trading views, and price charts vividly showcase price information and statistics to investors to allow them to make strategic, solid analyses on crypto targets and conduct their investments.

  • Supports projects with abundant clients and facilitates their growth

One successful exchange could facilitate the development of hundreds of projects. We explore gems in blockchain and offer projects with high-potential free access to our services. We renew our terms of services to keep in line with the fast-growing blockchain industry to create value and benefit. NFTs, Defi, GameFi, crypto projects, etc., could all seek harbor on our platform to reach out to their wide customers.

  • Guaranteeing a stable security environment for the investors and prioritizing user interests

Despite the streamlined user interface and neat operations, the back-end technology must be a significant factor in trusting a platform. SuperEx platform stores user-layer assets in a decentralized storage mode while offering a centralized trading experience. The platform applies multi-signature, in which users are required multiple keys to authorize a transaction, rather than a single signature from one key. In addition, the framework layer reduces dependency because the function of each layer is separate from the other layers, and testing is more accessible due to its separated components, and each component can be tested individually. In respect of the user interests, despite the enormous trading advantages we mentioned above, various incentives and commission fees will be available on the platform to make earning passive income more accessible and profitable to the clients. Users with an extensive network will be able to earn commission rebates. Task center timely updates tasks for the users to provide concrete ways to make additional income.

  • Expand the outreach of the platform to make it globally popularized

The SuperEx exchange was registered in Canada, but its aim for customer base was never limited to only Canada. Up till now, SuperEx has summoned a user base of over 1.5 million people worldwide. The user base is comparably concentrated in North America and Asia continent. The volunteer program attracts talents worldwide to form a solid volunteer brigade, which further helps the project exert its influence and offers offline service to those we have not reached yet. South Asia, the Middle East, and vast African countries will also be the primary consideration of our service. Ultimately, we not only make our service to be accessible in Europe or American continents but also globally popularized through our services and products.

  • To become a beacon tower on the blockchain to drive the blockchain technology by continuous reforms and innovations

SuperEx is not a platform only for making profits. We are not limited to the Exchange and SuperWallet or ET. We evolve and contribute to the whole blockchain ecosystem with our solid products. Creating a public chain, Space funding, SaaS, DAO, and Metaverse could be the field we could reach out to. Our currently centralized exchange will become completely decentralized shortly; the HD wallet we offer to the customer will become more upscale and cutting-edge. In all, we try and cast lights on the fields we could reach to expand our capacity and solve problems that exist in current web3.0. SuperEx discovers its ability all along the way to see how much potential we are capable of and how many issues we could solve. Like the many long journeys, we might choose a different path that will not work out, but we will reform to make things better and choose a direction in line with our universal values at the end of the day

  • Cultivating a talent base and funding a space program

Any big dreams and achievements are never realized without the efforts of diligent and talented people. We seek potential in individuals to see if there is a better spot to make them shine. SuperEx already summoned a team with competent tech support, marketing teams, and other essential staff. We currently have English, Korean, Russian, Nigerian, and Persian language communities. We will always be on the way to recruiting people as long as we find value in them. We do not create a system in which one team works for a leader. We create a system where the team makes a family, and the community makes the neighborhood. We will upgrade our systems for seeking talents. Currently, we have a volunteer program, and we will issue more enlightening programs along the way. Here is our ultimate goal of us that fund a space program to explore the planet. Curiosity makes us innovative and robust. We believe there are many advantages to being capable of knowing the world outside the earth.

  • All the success and envisions we have will not be gained without the support of the SuperEx community

Despite the badge we are entitled to, all the honor ultimately comes to the people themselves, the actual governor of the blockchain. We firmly believe that technological power belongs to the people; that’s where we are from, that’s who we serve. Blockchain achieves its vast potential with its mass adoption. We are a people’s exchange, and we are here with you for your blockchain engagement, financial investment, and even a random message to our customer service.

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