A Message for the Dogechain Community: Your Chariot Awaits

Dogechain is the answer.

Hello, my fellow doge and crypto enthusiasts,

My name is Daddy Doge. I come to you today with an important message, a message that has the power to free us from hardship and set us on a course towards a life full of sweet, sweet utility.

Destiny has brought you here, at this exact moment, to heed my words. Read this letter carefully, for it holds the keys to my vision. Together we shall embark on our crusade to the promised land.

The space of emerging “decentralized” blockchains has been tainted by venture capitalists, shillers, and scammers with their never-ending need for fame and power.

Have we forgotten the true promise of crypto? Have we forgotten who holds the power? It’s like you have forgotten who you are! Well, I am here to remind you who the real force behind this movement is. I am here to make us remember who we are!

We are the Doge Family.

We have always been the driving force behind crypto — everyday people who pay for the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous. People want life-changing opportunities, but most of us never have the money, power, or privilege to truly harness them when we find them. Such shame!

I have traveled the world observing the characters in this space, and have witnessed too many unfair games, tricks, and hidden intentions. The crypto realm is rife with lies and deceit, full of malicious investors and influencers pushing false information to line their pockets.

Project founders will tell you they don’t own any of the supply while slowly liquidating their tokens for months, relentlessly feasting and sucking the blood from the livelihood of the very followers they say they are loyal to. Their lies and deception leave the good people in the space confused, frustrated, and lost.

They shout ‘wen moon’, but they don’t mean it, for they are too busy staring at the earth!

You are the ones taking all the risk. You are the ones enduring hardships to reach financial freedom while they doll up for the covers of magazine-rich lists. But, unfortunately, you’ve been playing the wrong side of the game. But no longer, the moment has come for us to rise!

It is time.

It’s time to change the world. And the best part is that YOU have a vital role to play. We are coming to restore justice, fairness, and equality. We are helping rebuild the stepping stones needed to make the crypto space great again. The time has come for us to strike fear into the hearts of our foes. Let all who would stand against us know: We are coming for you!

This is a project born from a fire that was started in the hearts of the very first Doge hodlers. A faith that knew that together we could reshape the financial world. A passion that understood how the only way to achieve personal freedom was with each other.

Our mission to liberate financial hardships begins here.

It is time to bring a smart contract blockchain owned entirely by the people — a new Layer 1 blockchain ecosystem built on equal opportunity and upside for all. You win when your peers win. You win when your foes win. You win when everyone wins. Finally, an inclusive ecosystem that welcomes and empowers everyone who wishes to be a part of it. The gates are open, and our decentralized paradise awaits!

Together, we will create a truly decentralized chain run by the community, building the foundation for what crypto and blockchain were meant to be. Such gain! Such cool! Such possibility!

This is Dogechain.

Dogechain is a community built on the power of mutual empowerment. We accept all people, regardless of age, gender, net worth, orientation, or location. We understand that as a family we are the total of each of our members, a family where every person has a vital role to play. It is because of this knowledge that we love and support everyone, even those at the community’s fringe.

Dogechain is a layer 1 blockchain with one-of-a-kind on-chain mechanisms designed to position the community for long-term success. In the Dogechain ecosystem, people can stake their Dogechain tokens to help secure the network while earning the rewards accrued via inflation.

I will see you in the Dogechain Sanctuary. This is your moment to shine. I wish you strength. May the moon guide us.

This is not the end, this is the beginning! I have more to say, but now I only thank you for the opportunity to serve you. We, my Dogechain disciples, are ALL going to make it. I love you all.

Ride the wave!

Join the crusade!

Live your best life!

Also remember: Doges travel together forever; never be alone again.

To your future freedom and infinite happiness,

Daddy Doge