A Beta tester’s Review


What is Midas?
Founded in the midst of the crypto winter of 2018, Midas Investments has weathered the storms and proven themselves in the cryptocurrency market. They have shown that they can evolve and adapt to the constant change that characterizes the crypto market.

Founder and CEO Iakov “Trevor” Levin is fully immersed in the community with his investors, sharing their passion for innovative investing.

Why choose Midas Investments?
Let’s face it: Typically, investment platforms have slow, hard-to-reach customer service. Midas Investments is different. They offer a live chat with attentive agents, bridging the gap that other platforms create between you and your investment.

Sustainable growth
Through my research as a cryptocurrency enthusiast, I learned about and have been investing with Midas since shortly after they launched the Midas Token. As a Beta tester, I have seen them grow exponentially, implement KYC ( “Know Your Customer” measures to reduce identity theft and fraud), rate adjustments, adding new tokens to the platform, and the establishment of the “Midas Boost” for investors who choose to receive their earnings in the native Midas Token. All of this provides a sustainable and profitable service. Their team is always ahead of the game, actively monitoring the market conditions.
An example of this can be found in the recent UST (TerraUSD) depeg seen on May 11th, 2022. They had no exposure to the asset.

Stability in uncertain times.
The fabled King Midas, from whom Midas Investments presumably draws its inspiration, had a gift; everything he touched turned to gold. Midas Investments has similarly thrived, though with the generous return rates and referral program they offer, it seems safe to say that greed will not be their downfall, as it was for the King Midas of legend. When comparing rates with Celsius, Gemini, Voyager and other platforms, I quickly learned that Midas has the best rates. Investors can earn 18% APY (annual percentage yield) on stable coins, which adds needed stability to shore up against the unknowns in the market conditions that we are faced with today.

They are always striving for the highest returns. As of May 2022, I have been enjoying:

  • BTC 9% APY
  • ETH 10% APY
  • USDC 18% APY
  • Midas Token 30% APY
After activating the Midas Boost, you can earn even more rewards.

What are YAPS?
Yield Automated Portfolios, or YAPS, are like the fusion of cryptocurrency and an index fund. Midas has developed these YAPS with monthly rebalancing. At the time of writing, the stable YAP is balanced with 25% BTC, 25% ETH, 25% USDT, and 25% Midas at 20% APY.
Learn More about YAPS https://yaps.midas.investments/

The Community and Support:
Giving back to the community is part of the mission of Midas. One way they have done this is by investing their time into the global cryptocurrency ecosystem and creating an active community on Discord, where users can provide and receive guidance from other investors and even from the founder and CEO himself. With over 11,000 Members on Discord, you will be happy you joined the group. You can start a discussion with others who are working towards financial independence through cryptocurrencies, and there are channels for every topic. I have enjoyed the quick help and support this brings. Being part of the Discord group, I stay up-to-date on the announcements and weekly report channels. Figuring out taxes for my specific region has been less stressful with the tax-discussion group and talking with the tax tutor. Investors and the public alike can hop on and learn from CC, the community manager, in the ESIR (Earn, Save, Invest, Repeat) channel, and the CEO, Trevor, is always willing to answer questions in his personal channel. Along with this, the Midas team on Discord helps create a safe community for everyone. This is not your normal group, and I am impressed with the value it brings.

Along with the Discord group populated with both Midas higher-ups and everyday investors, Midas Investments has the best support of any cryptocurrency platform I have used. As an international company with loyal customers in time zones around the globe, they seem to have made accessibility a hallmark of their service. Prospective investors just dipping their toes in the water will appreciate that Midas’s around-the-clock live chat feature is easy for anyone to access–no account needed! Anyone can search the Knowledge Base or chat with one of the team members. From my personal experience, they are quick to answer any question and always ready to help. Waiting days for a copy-and-pasted response is a thing of the past.

Alt Coins and Defi — The Midas Token
My first experience with Altcoins wasn’t great, and I suspect that many crypto investors–beginners and experts alike–have gone through the same thing. We’ve all felt the excitement of learning about a new coin type and being convinced it could go somewhere. In the hype of the rise of Dogecoin, I bought in at the wrong time and subsequently became skeptical of Alts and the added volatility they bring to your portfolio. For me, the Midas Token is an undervalued, hidden gem among Alt coins that I’ve often found lacking in their same potential. Holding the Midas Token is a way I like to show support for an innovative company, and earning 30% APY by receiving my earnings in Midas Token is a huge bonus!

About the team
Far from an obscure startup today, the Midas team benefits from the knowledge and experience of more than 30 members, including researchers, analysts, developers, and even a “Party Guy,” whatever that entails. To check out their lineup, visit their wiki’s team page here.

My Final Thoughts
With the stock market falling, inflation at record highs, and other market uncertainties, diversification is vital. Midas is earnestly working to generate passive income streams for its user base. I look forward to continuing my investments with them. In addition to the resources and chat function from Midas themselves, as a member of the referral program, I am happy to answer any questions about my experience with Midas or help in any way I can.

Contact info: [email protected] | 208–715–8038

Personal Referral Link: https://midas.investments/?p=0194