Envision being an Elite Neo Tokyo Citizen, having a BAYC, Genesis CyberKongz, and Premium Land in The Sandbox — all for 1 eth!

You’ll have the top tier NFTs and passively earn ether!

888club.eth is a DAO which:

Yields ETH

Holds the Top Tier NFTs

Has 1 Vote per Token Holding Address

Members use a .eth address as Digital I.D

Provides Shared Info & Resources to its Members

888 Memberships Available

The crypto space, and specifically the NFT space, moves at an unwavering pace. Hundreds of new projects are arising every day. New varieties, niches, features, and overall advancements can cause overwhelming amounts of options and information.

888club.eth creates a clear path to success with a unique blend of DeFi, GameFi, and NFTs. Led by a highly experienced, diverse management and start-up team, this DAO aims to be the archetype of passive NFT investing.

Decentralization from inception, gradually leading to full member takeover, 888club.eth aims to set a precedent in equality, efficiency, and prosperity.

888club.eth NFT Holders Value Growth:

1) NFT value increases with the Portfolio Growth

2) Passive Returns are collected and consistently Distributed in ETH

3) DAO contributions continue to grow with Additional Revenue streams

888club.eth NFT Ownership Provides:

  • Voting Rights — 1/888 Votes
  • Consistent Yield — Target 8%+ Annually
  • Potential Airdrops — From Diverse Allocations
  • Full Website Access — DAO Resources & Participation
  • Compensated Participation Opportunity — Paid Researchers & Devs

888 NFTs Available:


Official 888club.eth wallet (Gnosis-Safe Multisig): 0x9234E442ED4Df8BB53eA2d05311241d8ec522499

How to Join:

  1. Send 1 ETH per desired 888club.eth NFT to the Official 888club.eth wallet
  2. Add your .eth receiving address to the Mint List as confirmation (on Official Website), also confirmed on chain
  3. Member NFT will be airdropped to all contributors once 888 eth has been received in the 888club.eth wallet — Airdrop Target Date: TBA

The Portfolio will consist of 8–20 Allocations:

  • 2 of which will be Eth 2.0 Staking and V3 LP NFTs for Consistent Yield
  • All Projects will have an allocation limit of 1%-15% of the Portfolio

The Allocation Proportions will be based on Categories:

  • 2% — Gas Reserves —Reduced after POS
  • 4% — Ethereum 2.0 Staking (32 eth) — To support the network long-term
  • 9% — Opportunity Fund and DAO Operations Reserve
  • 10% — DeFi: ETH-Stable V3 LP Tokens (LP NFT) — Steady Yield
  • 25% — GameFi: Crypto Gaming (e.g. Axies and Impostors)
  • 25% — MetaLand: Metaverse Lands (e.g. NFT Worlds and WWWeb3)
  • 25% — Utility/Access: PFPs (e.g. Neo Tokyo and Bored Ape Yacht Club)
Target Annual Yield 8%+

Initial Allocation List:

Utility: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Neo Tokyo Elite Citizen

GameFi: OG CyberKongz, Impostors, Nifty League Degens

Metaverse Land: NFT Worlds, WorldWide Web3, The Sandbox

Wallet Security:

The 888club.eth wallet is secured by Gnosis-Safe Multisig and requires several signers to perform transactions. All signers have long-standing credible business history. Security and longevity are top priorities.

888club.eth Evolution Timeline:

Year 1 — Implementing Automation

  • Fair Launch with all token holders contributing in an equal manner
    (1 eth for 1 NFT) & aware of the Initial Allocation List
  • Portfolio Voting performed by DAO Leaders (info on website)
  • Active Roles will be filled by start-up DAO Leaders (all prepared to remain on for the long-term)
  • Compensation for start-up expenses and active roles will be covered by the Mint (15% of total Mint), Costs will significantly decrease with improved automation by Year 2
  • An additional, but not calculable revenue stream for operations expenses is the royalties generated from public resale of the 888club.eth NFT, which will be set aside in year 1, to grow for future operations expenses

Year 2 — Expanded Decentralization

  • Voting performed by all members (likely to happen sooner)
  • Active Roles filled by DAO Leaders; any necessary changes will be voted upon by all DAO members
  • Compensation to be covered by annual yield earnings over 8% being split between member yield distribution and management. This is to incentivize the humans playing active roles in managing the DAO to perform well
  • General expenses will be covered by yield generated from ETH staking
  • Focus on additional revenue streams, increasing yield and build royalties generated from public resale of the 888club.eth NFT

Year 3 — Compounding Prosperity

  • Voting performed by all members
  • Active Leader Roles to be determined by full member DAO voting no later than 888 days from Mint
  • Compensation covered by annual yield earnings over 8% being split between member yield distribution and management. This is to incentivize the humans playing active roles to perform well. An AUM strategy could also be plausible, as to be voted upon by DAO members
  • The goal is to have eth staking and royalties cover basic operations expenses and to have the portfolio management team incentivized to perform well with as little actions as necessary to continue to maintain consistent yielding and well performing allocations. Other revenue streams are being researched and are expected to be developed throughout the evolution of the DAO

Year 4 — Expanding Options

  • Voting performed by all members
  • Active Roles should be reviewed annually
  • Compensation structure is likely to evolve over time (performance/AUM)
  • DAO continues to build revenue streams. e.g. MetaLand Leasing & Operations, NFT Rentals, Loans, Project Funding, Members make use of NFTs and split income with the DAO etc.
  • Royalties by way of marketing to increase resales may cause increased revenue

Year 5 — Perpetual Growth

  • Continuation of the evolution of the DAO, maintaining focus on longevity and building passive income for members


Website: 888club.x — coming soon

Full Docs: link coming soon

Twitter: @888club_eth

OpenSea: coming soon

Main DAO Wallet: 888club.eth

Liabilities Statement:

888club.eth exists on the Ethereum blockchain, a decentralized network. Any DAO NFT value will be determined by decentralized forces. The organizers of the DAO are in no way the shareholders or owners of the DAO. The DAO exists only on the Ethereum blockchain, not in any state jurisdiction. In some ways comparable to an unincorporated non-profit, this DAO is organized for a community to come together for mutual benefit to create value and sustain long-term decentralized and primarily automated governance. Contributing to the DAO, does not constitute an investment and there is no value assigned to membership. Participation is voluntary and at the sole risk of each individual. Members and active participants are not legal agents or representatives of the DAO. Contributions are considered a loan to the DAO and loans will be repaid to contributors, incrementally as “yield”. 888club.eth exists autonomously on Ethereum and is a non-profit autonomous operation.

Decentralize the World.