$700 / Month Income Out Of One Sleepless Night

  1. What I did
  2. Silent marketing is a thing.
  3. Instead of summary

That was simple as is. I’ve been just sitting in front of my laptop, sipping coffee, and looking at the horizontally flat chart of payments. It was 4 o’clock in the morning and I haven’t slept for like 26 or 30 hours in a row. I was waiting. I knew something cool has happened. I literally made money out of nothing for the first in my life.

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

Basically, that was a regular work day. I did a bunch of work tasks, ran a set of meetings, and finally got out of office for a quick lunch. Holding Medium in hand as my data dopamine, I found a pretty weird article, describing a new feature of Telegram Messenger.

The feature was in-bot payments.

Simply saying, now you are able to implement the subscription in any Telegram bot you have, just making a couple of code manipulations. Next, money get into the payment provider account and you are able to withdraw them after. Basically, Telegram guys have re-invented in-app purchases… In-in app.

That moment my plans for the eve got completely clear. I was not going to let this idea go so easily — basically I got a super-perspective income generation instrument at a palm of my hand.

What I did

The logic was simple: find an idea for the Telegram bot; develop a basic functionality; implement payments; cut off the main functionality for ‘free trial’ users. Simple task for a developer-in-the-past, who turned into a marketing guy somehow at his life path.

The bot that I’ve created was simple as gold. It was taking the external service for creating Gmail accounts, putting it into two separate buttons — ‘Get a new Inbox’ and ‘Check the Inbox’. Basically user got a simple utility for registry on the different websites, applying for coupons etc in a simple bot wrapper. After two actions performed (inbox generating and its review) the bot got stopped, offering to buy a lifetime subscription for a couple of dollars. Simple, huh?

I will not be telling all the technical aspects of how to create a bot — there are lots of tutorials out there. Just gonna summarize that it took me a couple of hours to remember the Python syntax, take a detailed look at the Telegram API documentation, investigate some examples — and then connect the payment system. In sum, I’ve spent something like 4 hours to have the bot fully done and deployed.

Silent marketing is a thing.

The most interesting was chapter 2. It is great to have a working chatbot, but what’s the sense of it until you have no clients who pay you for it? Thus, I have decided to improvise. I’ve never seen the successful cases of Telegram bots being promoted via paid advertisement or look-a-like targeted posts and I definitely did not want to be the one making the first shot and spending personal money on marketing budgets. As a result, I did it a simple way: guerrilla marketing. Several Reddit forum comments, where people were asking about the best services for exposable email generation. A couple of Quora discussions. Some YouTube comments. Just a little in-chat spamming. Yeah — I definitely felt myself like a dirty spammer, but I was charged as never to get the thing work for me. I just felt that.

Photo by Darya Tryfanava on Unsplash

Obviously, I got banned from Reddit. Also got a warning from Quora. But the thing made its work. In four days, I started seeing permanent growth. I did not even pa attention to a couple of first timid payments, being sure that my personal card left connected to the account while testing.

But the things went further. In arithmetic, then — in geometric progression. I do not know exactly what happened, did the users like the bot and started recommending it to their friends, or some SEO magic worked for my comments, or any other organic traffic god helped me — but the things turned absolutely fascinating for me.

Instead of summary

For the April, the bot generated 713.23$ of Gross income — with the fact that I literally did nothing except pushing it live. I do not know if that was luck or something more serious, but the only thing I am 100% sure for now is that Lifetime Subscription should be changed into a monthly one. It is impossible to generate new clients daily — but still possible to ‘re-cycle’ the old ones.

Summing up — I still assume this little adventure as an interesting experiment. That is not a new startup or 100-million idea I am going to trade my job in a corporation for. But the fact itself that one sleepless night made be a tangible income out of nothing literally proves that we live in an amazing time, huh?

If you want to take a look at what I have created on your own — feel free to go to https://t.me/tempommail_bot.