69 Easy freelance job ideas for beginners


Are you looking for online freelance job opportunities to start your freelancing journey?

So to help you get started I’ve listed 69 online freelance job ideas that you can start even if you are a beginner.

I’ve listed these job ideas based on my experience (10 years) in the freelance industry as a WordPress consultant and with the help of other online freelancing platforms.

Website Development

1. Front-end developer

If you know HTML, CSS and Javascript you can easily provide freelance services as a front-end developer. Although knowledge of any js frameworks like React, Angular or Vue js would give you more opportunities.

2. Back-end developer

Back-end development is another great freelancing option. If you know any server-side languages like PHP, Python, etc. you can easily take up back-end development freelancing projects.

3. Full stack developer

If you have experience in both front-end and back-end development you could easily offer full stack development services generally at a higher price.

4. WordPress consultant

If you know how to make a complete WordPress website it can be a blog, website, e-commerce, LMS or anything else with the help of various plugins you can get freelance projects as a WordPress consultant. This is what I’ve been doing for years.

5. WordPress expert

A WordPress expert is someone who can customize the WordPress themes and plugins according to the requirement.

6. WordPress plugin developer

People need custom plugins to solve their specific problems. If you know how to make plugins you can offer these services as a freelancer.

7. Website maintenance

You can help people maintain their website with regular updates, security checks, fixing small bugs etc.

8. Online website builder expert

If you are an expert in any online website builders like Wix, Squarespace etc. you can offer those as freelancing services as well.

9. Email template designer

People need custom-designed email templates for their email marketing, it can be platform specific like Mailchimp, Convertkit etc. or platform-independent.

App/Software Development

10. App/Software developer

If you have the right skills, you can develop apps/software for people as a freelancer.

11. App/Software tester

You can help companies with testing their apps/software to find bugs.

Graphic Designing

12. Logo designer

You can make logos for businesses and individuals.

13. Web designer

Designing website layouts can be a great freelance job idea.

14. UI/UX designer

You can design the website interface and how it will interact with its users.

15. App/Software UI/UX designer

As a freelancer, you can design the UI/UX of apps/software.

16. Graphic designer

You can help people with graphic design needs like banner designing, social media post designing etc.

17. Infographic designer

Creating infographics to help people represent their information and data in a beautiful visual format.

18. Print media designer

Designing various print media items like brochures, flyers, visiting cards etc.

19. Icon designer

You can design custom icons for your clients.

20. Book cover designer

Book authors need a good book cover for their books so if you specialize in this you can do this as a freelancer.

21. Worksheet designer

You can design various educational worksheets.

22. Printable designer

You can help people with various printable designs like planners, schedulers, calendars, editable pdf etc.

23. Album designer

You can design various albums like music albums, wedding albums etc.

24. Cartoon character designer

If you are good at making cartoons you can design custom cartoon characters.

25. Background designer

You can design backgrounds for games, apps etc.

26. Texture/Pattern designer

You make textures or patterns for both print and online.

27. T-shirt designer

You can make some trending t-shirt designs.

28. Photo editor

If you know photo editing software like Photoshop you can offer various photo editing services like photo resizing, cropping, background removal etc.

29. Magazine layout designer

You can design beautiful magazine layouts.

30. Packaging designer

Businesses need package designs for their new products, you can offer that services as a package designer specialist.

31. Photo retouching

If you are good at improving distorted photos you can do photo retouching as a freelancer.

32. Font designer

Creating custom fonts for web and print.

33. Invitation card designer

Design various beautiful invitation cards like wedding cards, birthday cards etc.

34. Digital artist

As a freelance digital artist, you can create digital arts for your clients.

35. Tattoo art designer

You can create custom tattoo designs for tattoo artists.

36. Resume layout designer

You can design creative resume layouts for job seekers and fellow freelancers.

37. Jewelry designer

Create modern and trending jewelry designs.

38. Storyboard designer

You can create storyboards for animations, ads etc.

39. Concept artist

You can take your storyboarding skills one step higher to concept artist. Here you need to provide interesting and compelling concepts for animation, ads etc.

40. Presentation designer

Convert texts or ideas into beautiful presentations for businesses.

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