6 Ways To Save Money Traveling

Photo Credit: John Cahil Rom

1. Dine IN

Right after you arrive at your destination, go to the grocery store to pick up food you can cook so you don’t have to dine out for every meal.

Though vacation is synonymous with total break time, and not everyone feels like cooking on vacation, if you need to save money and need a vacation, dining in is a pragmatic way to save some major bucks.

*Cruises are the exception since they are all-inclusive.

2. Dine Out Strategically

Many restaurants offer their patrons incentives (e.g., free food and drinks or discounted food and drinks) to come to eat on certain days and at certain times. If you want or need to save a buck, find a way to take advantage of the incentives that food places offer, so you can dine out and accommodate your budget.

2. Stay With Family or Friends

If possible, stay with family or friends when traveling out of town. It might be cramped, and there might be rules to follow, but it will save you several bucks if you stay somewhere for free. Those hotel and resort fees add up quickly.

3. Use Your Family or Friends’ Car

Instead of renting a vehicle, catch a ride with family or friends, and offer to pay for a full tank of gas. You’ll still pay less than if you were to rent a vehicle. Plus, who doesn’t like receiving a full tank of gas? In the end, you get to be generous and save money.

4. Drinkers Only: Buy Your Alcohol In Bulk

Don’t literally buy your alcohol in bulk (you need to care for your liver on vacation), but buy your alcohol from the store where it’s likely to be significantly cheaper versus buying all of your alcohol from the hotel, bars, or restaurants.

5. Find Free Or Low-Cost Excursions

Free events are a dime a dozen. Don’t feel pressured to buy experiences because someone is offering them or they seem popular. There are often other genuinely interesting, fun, and free activities.

Don’t forget to utilize discounts when you can. Many places offer military, student, and teacher discounts even if they don’t advertise it.

Ask, and the answer will often be “yes.”

6. Carry-Ons Only

Checked bags frequently cost extra dollars. Travel with only a carry-on and personal item and save yourself $50-$100. Not only will you save money by traveling light, but you’ll also save yourself time checking in your bags before your flight and waiting in baggage claim after your flight.

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