6 Things you should invest in your early 20s to be Rich in the Future?


The idea of making good money excites you, Right? Well, what if I say you can earn your first 100$ by just giving yourself time and can still get ahead of 1000s of people who are already making money.

The concept is simple, if you only keep thinking about how to make more money you’ll be left out with no money or no skills. (Ouch! that hurts)

Okay! let me put it in simple ways, we all think that more money will make us happier and more accomplished but little did you know the truth.

More money will make you an exaggerated version of who you already are, if you’re picky, you’ll become more selective, If you are a spender, No matter how much you earn you will end up spending even more. Get the idea?

SO, Money is just a tool, it’s great to have access to it but every access comes with an expiry date.

But, I am not here to preach the idea of happiness and mindfulness without having a penny in your pocket, but I will talk about how you can build your future wealth without struggling to make money now.

  1. Put your learning always above your earnings- 1 year back a LinkedIn connection asked me if I will be interested in working with him on a practical email campaign for a brand, I was not sure as I only had a little idea about email marketing but I always wanted to learn about it. So, without thinking, I said yes, I will! Cut to now, I am an email copywriter who is getting paid by clients across the globe. So, basically, I am getting paid for things I did for free.
  2. Prioritize yourself over money- Money sure will help you appoint a good doctor when you get an attack (touch-wood) but you wouldn’t have fallen sick if you have had a little time with yourself, working on your health.
  3. Connections> Money — Brands are trying to build a connection with their audience to sell the product, when will you? Making genuine connections will always help you grow in life, personally and monetarily. I have made 50% of my income through my connections. Now it's your time.
  4. Invest, Invest, Invest (literally shouting) — Investing your time or your money will always make you more money. Invest your time in building skills and be an expert in your industry, Invest your money for the future, and you’ll be amazed by the compounding effect.
  5. You are no less than anyone — Make your competition your friends and learn from them. they are not better than you, you’re not better than them, you both are different and better at different things. Know your shit and keep learning along the way and money will follow.
  6. Build a community — building a loyal community that looks up to you for value and advice is bigger than having money in your pocket. nurture your people, fill them up with advice, build an engaging community, and later you can monetize it in your favor.