5 Things to Consider Before Investing in your 20s

Adulting and Self-improvement

Stocks, UITFs, crypto, etc., are all the kinds of investments you can think of–all of which are great but intimidating.

Adulting can be scary for someone about to turn twenty (20), but certainly, we get excited about what the future holds.

Some would tell you that the earlier you start to plan for your future, the wiser you become in handling your finances.

Probably you have already come across posts about investing in your 20s, but what is the right kind of investment for someone nearing their adult life?

  1. Emotional well-being🧠

While being emotionally healthy doesn’t require always feeling good, it is important to remember that it plays a significant role in our general well-being.

Even those who appear to be emotionally stable can struggle with their emotions.

Being emotionally healthy means we are in control of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, allowing us to keep healthy relationships with other people.

2. Physical health🚴‍♀️

As you near your 20s, you’ll start to realize that you’re not getting any younger. How you look right now may not look the same ten (10) years from now.

But even if we ignore that part, several other aspects of our well-being are associated with our physical health. It can be challenging to pursue ambitious goals if you start to feel sick and weak.

3. Social relationship💭

You’ve probably heard of the saying “Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Your network isn’t about the number of friends you have on Facebook or followers on Twitter. Instead, they are the people who provide assistance and meaningful connections that improve your quality of life.

Although, not everyone finds it easy to stay socially connected. But with the right support system in place, like your network, you’ll be exposed to fresh perspectives and opportunities, which will help you realize your full creative potential.

4. Emergency Fund💸

Nobody likes thinking about getting sick or having a serious accident, but as an adult, you’ll face several bills and unforeseen emergencies that will force you to spend.

No matter your financial condition, it’s important to have money set aside to ensure you can survive during uncertainties.

5. Personal Growth🔍

Educating oneself is not limited to just going to school; it is also about nurturing our minds with new knowledge and information.

You are never too old to learn new skills, so take the time to educate yourself before making any financial investments or decisions that will affect your life. This will help you find your passion and make you a better person.

Being in your 20s comes with a lot of pressure, particularly the sense that we must always present the greatest versions of ourselves to those around us.

But as we take the time to improve our minds, we also open ourselves up to new opportunities.

Investing in yourself is never selfish.

It will help you to build relationships and develop skills that are foundation in building wealth later in life.