5 simple steps to attract more money, honey!

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Money is a hush-hush topic in many families and most people are not comfortable talking about it in public. The stigma around openly conversing about money can inadvertently influence how you feel about it and affect your potential to attract money in your life.

Besides hard work, the right skill set and strong work ethic, attracting money is also about having the correct mindset. Most millionaires think very positively about money and this isn’t a secret.

Being positive about money is not limited to positive affirmations. It takes some amount of introspection and questioning your beliefs about money.

Here are 5 simple steps to correct the incorrect approach towards money:

  1. Develop love for money

Money should truly be an object of desire. When you love something you will unconsciously work towards attaining it. You will start opening up to avenues that earn you good and your conversations and behavior will reflect your liking towards money, in turn, creating opportunities.

2. Enhance your sense of self-worth

You determine your own value in society. If you undervalue yourself, almost always, people will take advantage of you. Establish a crystal clear self-image resounding with healthy self-worth that unequivocally sends out a message that you are not up for negotiation.

Be assertive about what your demands are and unapologetically ask for what you deserve. Your value is not determined by how much time it takes to do something, but by the years of effort and experience diligently applied to turnaround tasks faster than the rest.

When your self-worth is enhanced, you will feel worthy of becoming rich. This is a crucial step to attract money, without which getting rich leads to the feelings of guilt about making more than peers or family members.

3. Identify unconscious negative thoughts about money

Your unconscious patterns towards money are years of impressions gathered from your parents, caretakers, mentors and others which might act as a bottleneck in attracting money. Pay attention to your deep-seated beliefs about money and check if they sound like any of these:

  • Money is evil
  • Money causes conflicts
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness
  • Money attracts trouble
  • Making more money is a sin
  • Money leads to fights
  • Money attracts jealousy
  • Money creates fake followers

If you are holding one or more of these as a matter of fact, it’s time to check on them. Such thought patterns are detrimental to a healthy money mindset and can make you unconsciously say NO to money.

4. Get out of scarcity mindset

Let me rephrase this — Get into an abundant mindset. There is enough and more for everyone. When you have an abundant mindset you will naturally feel grateful about everything and be happy to get a bigger share of the pie. You will walk and talk confidently because of your belief that you can receive what you ask for. The universe transpires to give you what you need only if you are convinced that it is possible.

5. Be poised and composed

Desperation leads to powerlessness. You will settle for something far less favorable and worthy just because you want money badly and want it now. Tying this back to having a notable self-worth, always evaluate opportunities based on the right fit with your credentials. It’s easier to settle for what is in hand right now than wait for something worthwhile to come by. But poise, composure and patience for that lucky stroke can turn out to be very valuable.