5 Signs that you are going to be a millionaire

  1. 01. More than 1
  2. 7 assets that will make you rich.
  3. 5 side hustles to get your first 100k$ per month.
  4. 02. Having a growth mindset
  5. 03 Invest before spending
  6. 04 Live below your means
  7. 05. Invest regularly

Get yourself verified as a millionaire by checking these signs, if you don't have these signs make sure to adopt them so your future self would be proud of you.

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These 10 signs are divided into chunks of 5 + 5. 5 signs — the actions you need to take and 5 signs — the mindset you need to adapt.

01. More than 1

You have more than 1 income stream in your life. If you are in your 20s or older,

  1. you are spending time upskilling yourself to earn extra with your job/studies.
  2. You are investing
  3. you are building assets that would generate income in the future

4. You are planning to start a side hustle/side business

02. Having a growth mindset

There are two types of people in this world.

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  1. Limited. They are the people who decide that they are just limited to these with whatever capabilities/intelligence they are born with. They prefer complaints about actions. Besides solving the problems and wants of their lives they just complain. Therefore they kept being broke.
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2. Growth. They are the people who believe that they can expand their skills, capabilities, and intelligence to 100x more to leverage their wants and live a lifestyle whatsoever they have dreamt of. They constantly upskill themselves, learn new skills and create new income sources.

03 Invest before spending

Most people usually spend on their expenses and then spend whatever is left behind. Their expenses are always increasing and they are never gonna end so before spending invest. If you invest the right way you can actually sponsor your purchase of a vacation/car against taking a loan for it.

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04 Live below your means

Don't run after show-offs. If you are in your twenties nobody is expecting from you, your expensive clothes, expensive cars etc. What you are earning, make sure to keep your needs below your income so that you should have more leftover to spend and become a millionaire.

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05. Invest regularly

You should invest and invest regularly. It's not about 1-time investment, its about the habit you apply to your every month's income statement and invest a portion of your earnings constantly every month to get a reward on it.

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