5 Reasons Why You Must Make a Shit Ton of Money and Get Panic Attacks If You’re Broke


Alright, the headline was extreme. I did that to get you here, worked didn’t it?

But seriously. I want to ask you something.

Why do you want to get rich? Why do you dream of someday having a lot of zeroes in your bank account, have you ever thought about it? I have.

A while back, I was quite low on cash. It felt crippling and pathetic.

As last-minute motivation, I brought out my phone and punched in several reasons why I’d want to make a lot of money. The results were half funny half deep, wish I could send you a screenshot.

That simple exercise brought clarity. This is why I cringe when people say things like

Money is not everything. Money cannot buy happiness, blah blah blah.

Not like I disagree. But most of the people who say those things have not spent a minute listing the amazing things money can do for them and others. They just see some rich rude flamboyant millionaire on Instagram and conclude.

Now, just in case you can’t convince yourself of how critical it is that you make serious money, I’d help you see reason.

1. For the People You Care About

I’m talking about family, close friends, and your inner circle.

How do you reward them for all they’ve done for you? What do you do if they’re on the wrong side of life, beyond their control?

As a medic, I get to see a lot of people receive death sentences just because they can’t afford life-saving treatment. It is then you’d realize that after God, money follows.

Think of someone you care about right now and imagine they’re a million naira away from getting their life back. How desperate to make money will you be?

That right there is what a lot of people in the hospital go through. Still think people are greedy for wanting to be millionaires in their 20s?

For the safety and security of those dear to you, having a lot of cash is a no-brainer.

2. Because There’s So Much You’d Be Able to Do

A lot of things work faster when there’s money on ground — academics, spiritual growth, skill acquisition, marriage, etc.

You’d be a fool to deny it.

Think of all the people that go to Makoko or some other slum for charity work, who do you think the real heroes are — the people on-site sharing food and clothes or the sponsors and donors?

I think they’re both important. Maybe, the volunteers score more social media points but people tend to forget there’s no charity if there’s no funding. Whatever you think you can do now, you’d be able to do it 10 times faster if you’ve got the right dough.

This is why Elon Musk can buy Twitter and Shola Akinlade of Paystack can establish his own football club in Lagos — money loves speed.

Not having it means a lot of things in your life will move in slow-mo. What you can eat, where you can go, and how many financial risks you can take.

3. For Your Independence

If you’re under 19, you have the luxury of calling home for weekly or monthly allawee as an undergraduate without feeling any shame — at least in the average Nigerian family.

But when you get older your conscience starts talking. You start feeling like a burden — if you have any dignity in you, that is.

It doesn’t just stop there, you’d start craving maximum control of your life down to what you wear or what you put in your stomach. If you don’t want to be that person who’s always at the mercy of people financially, you’d need to work tirelessly to free yourself and stop depending on people like a parasite.

Want to know something else? The world respects independent people and money facilitates independence.

Your family may not tell you you’ve got to grow financial muscles of your own but your age will do the talking. You’d also realize people avoid very dependent individuals like a plague.

But imagine you have the money you’d need for basic stuff and more, you’d switch from being a beggar to becoming a giver. You’d not always run to people for help and you’d appear capable to others around you.

4. Because You Deserve a Soft Life

I don’t know about you, but Nigeria is hard enough. You lose life points immediately after you’re born, and the struggle never seems to end.

But you know what?

Despite the hardship, people are flexing steady. I’m not even talking about old guys like Aliko or Otedola. Young people like you are on trips to places like Dubai, and Seychelles just for the fun of exploring — they can fund it.

You might not know because you deliberately surround yourself with people that wear poverty on their heads like a crown.

I’m sorry if that hurt you, but I want you to get this

There’s money in Nigeria. Not everybody is broke. Some people are cashing out in millions weekly, driving cars and traveling around the world. They’re not better than you, but they desire a better life more than you do.

You deserve that life.

It is when you make serious money that you’d realize your natural body weight was never natural. That is when you’d comfortably buy an iPhone despite your unwavering loyalty to Android (FYI, I use an Android phone, don’t come for me).

There’s so much to enjoy while you’re still alive but you may not get a chance to if you’re not up there on the financial scale.

Should that bother you? If you have a working brain, it should.

All is vanity, yes.

But choose your vanity wisely. Do you want to die poor or die rich?

5. Because There has Never been an Easier Time to Make Money.

See, we’re all together on this quest to get our money right. I’m not making millions, but I know this for sure

Using the past decade and ongoing digital trends, there has and will never be an easier time to make money in history than ours. You can choose to not go to school and focus on becoming a TikTok sensation and still earn more than a college professor will ever make in his lifetime.

The internet has made so many things easy.

So much that attaining millionaire status even as a Nigerian doesn’t seem scary anymore. The goal for a lot of people collecting their legit share of this internet money now is becoming double or triple digit millionaires. I mean 10 milli, 20 milli, 50 milli, 100 milli, in that order.

What if you don’t have high-income skills?

You’ve got Udemy, Coursera and several other personalized trainings on the NET to help you. There’s no excuse.

If you have a smartphone or laptop, you can be in your rat-infested hostel and be processing serious money as a student. This is crazy leverage that your parents and grandparents didn’t have.

So, every time you fold your hands and join the world to echo “Garri Again”, you’re losing legit money on the internet that can be yours.

I can give you a thousand and one reasons why you must be obsessed about making a lot of money, but that won’t change what you’ve made up your mind to do.

You may even call me greedy and do nothing after reading all of these.

But I want you to do me a favour. Get a pen and jotter, and go write down a list of personal, genuine reasons why you’d want to have enough cash in the bank. Or what you’d use your money for, when you have a lot of it.

When you’re done, always make sure you revisit it and let that fuel you.

Apologies for shots fired and tables broken during the course of writing this. Thank you for staying strong.

Cheers to your financial success,