5 Online Financial Modeling Courses in 2022 You Need to Know About


Are you looking for finance courses online? Here’s a list of some top courses by Wall Street Experts from Financial Edge Training. They teach the incoming analysts at the top 4 investment banks. You can experience this same world-class training online through their online courses and challenge yourself to earn certification that’s recognized on Wall Street.

The Modeler

From building a simple income statements & balance sheet models to putting the output into a pitch book , this online financial modeling course will help you develop multiple techniques for a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

Cost in the UK: £179

Course Available: Online, world-wide

Course Link: https://www.fe.training/product/online-courses/financial-modeling/the-modeler/

The Credit Analyst Course

Get an in-depth look of credit analysis and financial models specifically built for credit analysis. Learn to determine how much room a company has to borrow additional funds and much more.

ESG Certificate

Learn the concepts of ESG analysis, investing to create and maintain shareholder value. Monitor, vote, and engage. Understand the role of portfolio sustainability/ESG ratings agencies.

Forensic Accounting

Their forensic accounting course provides a practical framework that helps you efficiently identify high-risk areas and avoid spending hours reading through lengthy financial statements.

Accounting Course

Learn how to prepare a balance sheets from with this free online accounting course. Discover how to prepare an income statement from the entries to retained earnings and much more.