5 Must Watch Finance & Investing Movies

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I haven’t written in a while on Medium. One of blog went viral where I was busting why Medium rejected me. Here I am writing again on something. On two things I love — Movies & Stock Market. Right now, Inflation & Fed rate hikes are hot topics around.

Pandemic forced Banks to print money which led to easy money with low interest rate & liquidity in system. But after 2021’s ending, things are not as they use to be. Fed/RBI are hiking their Repo rates which is step for tackling rising concerns of recession & inflation.

Anyways, this blog is piece of information for binge watch or you can say — superficial guide on Finance/Stock Market/Investing. Let’s goooooooo.

(All the photos used here are from IMDb.com)

1. The Big Short

If you’re looking for a good film to watch this weekend I recommend The Big Short currently on Netflix. Very gripping true story of how greedy bankers caused the 2008 crash. Just look at these faces. These mind blowing actors. The Big Short starring— Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt & Christian Bale is one of those must watch movies whether you are interested in finance or not.

* Men will watch The Big Short, Margin Call, and American Psycho over and over again instead of going to therapy.* (i am not joking)

2. The Wolf of Wall Street

A film by Martin Scorsese starring Leonardo DiCaprio on rise and fall of Jordon Belfort. I still remember watching it first time. It was such a experience. So many relatable dialogues & moments. But the thing is that that for initial 15 minutes, Leo was supporting actor in his own film for Matthew McConaughey. Don’t want to give spoiler, don’t wait…..just go & watch it.

There is a speech in this movie in between where Leo is speaking so loud in front his brokers on his richness . I am advising you to listen & watch it (really) carefully.

3. Margin Call

Kevin Spacey in one of lead role, huh? I am all for it. This is one fine and elite movie, well scripted and the actors did excellently. A movie about a firm in the middle of a financial crisis. Despite being released over 10 years ago, you would definitely feel like it was shot yesterday.

The movie covers the 24-hour period at a Wall Street investment bank, & the actions taken by employees during the beginning stages of the financial crisis of 2007-08. I advice you to first understand the market & FNO first, and then watch it.

4. Moneyball

incredibly underrated movie. something for understanding marketing. Entire concept around it will amaze you. I don’t want to spoil it. If you still wish to read further, then I am continuing here. Avoid this if you don’t want spoilers.

*Main character of film tries to use statistical data to manage team & won match*

5. Wall Street

*Greed is Good*

A film around brokers of Wall Street of that 1987 era. Present day traders feels nostalgia when looked at Wall Street directed by Oliver Stone.

Wall Street is film around greed of stockbroker, his urge to get rich, urge to get into THAT elite class. But karma comes in way. Don’t want to spoil. Go & Watch.

Other Honourable Mention :

•Trading Places (1983)

•Scam 1992 — Harshad Mehta Story
•Boiler Room (2000)

•Becoming Warren Buffet

That’s it. Thanks for having me. Choose a film and make your day.