4 Reasons Companies Should Hire Freelancers


HRfrenzy Team

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How the world works is in constant shift. With remote workers more productive than their in-office counterparts, more and more freelancers are being hired and becoming the norm. Freelancers are now being seen as a highly valued, skilled professionals. With platforms like HRfrenzy, freelancers also have the opportunity to highlight their skills and reputation — essentially building a business that offers uncapped earning potential, not to mention flexibility.

Below, we share 4 reasons your company should hire freelancers:

Cost savings

Full-time employees cost more than their salary. Hiring an employee includes benefits like health insurance, paid time-off, payroll taxes and onboarding costs. Not only do freelancers help your company save money by eliminating these extra costs, they also don’t require a dedicate workspace or training. A business can reduce costs without compromising on quality by hiring a freelancer.

Larger pool, and increased diversity

Traditionally, businesses were once limited to only hiring candidates in their area, or those that could relocate. By hiring freelancers, now businesses have the opportunity to higher from a larger talent pool, nationally and internationally, which can help them find solutions for specific needs. Companies now can hire their freelancer with the specific skills they require without any guilt on whether they are making the right hiring decision. Plus, with a work marketplace like HRfrenzy, it’s easier than ever to find and hire talented freelancers.

Having a larger pool can also create an opportunity to expand the diversity of your company. Your ability to handle various projects can be significantly increased by a team of individuals from different geographic areas, educational backgrounds, cultures, and work disciplines. Finally, diversity helps by allowing different flow of ideas and can often lead to better business solutions.

Contract and Schedule flexibility

An estimated 36% of the US workforce is now freelancing at some level. What does that mean for your business? An average ⅓ of workers are freelancers and may be available for your specific company HR Needs. Browse through HR freelancer profiles or list a project to receive proposals from qualified freelancers and consultants.

Not only do you have flexibility on where and how to hire, freelancers are available for hire 24/7. Things come up, and a freelancer can help you resolve a last-minute bind as they come up. For HR issues that arise, freelancers are available to help you set guidelines or learn compliance in a short period of time, typically around the client’s time and needs.

Faster deliverables and shorter deadlines

Due to the nature of the work, freelancers feel the sense of urgency, can often provide faster deliverables than an in-house employee. HR freelancers are also more specialized and can offer completed work quickly and accurately. With multiple projects usually being worked on at the same time, in-house, or full-time employees, the quality and turnover time can suffer as a result.

As a business, issues can come up along with pressing projects, and freelancers are great options for meeting those pressing deadlines. Freelancers offer the flexibility to step in on an extra project or offer additional support. Having the schedule flexibility (as mentioned above), freelancers can typically work around the client’s time and needs.

Freelancers offer the opportunity for companies to set themselves up for success. Diversify your team and save not only time, money, but also resources by connecting and ultimately hiring the underestimated alternative workforce. Hire a freelancer or post a job with us at HRfrenzy.