4 Best Altcoins To Buy In The Coming Pullback

Best altcoins for 2023

The few weeks have been full of negative news, scams, minor corrections and a flurry of crazy predictions from influencers. However, Bitcoin, which accounts for the lion’s share of media and community attention, has successfully held the support level at $16,500. This is despite so many experts warning of a major dump to $14,000 and then to $10,000. Without ruling out the chances of a major pullback, I want to assert that crypto has survived dumps in the past, and it has the strength to do so in the future as well.

For now, trading levels makes sense. A simple support and resistance indicator on TradingView tells us that $14,000, $12,000, and $10,000 are the next pullback levels to watch out for $BTC. For scalpers, the picture is crystal clear. But for long-term holders, focusing on fundamentals and market sentiment is extremely important.

BTC updated price levels

4 Fundamentally Strong Tokens For Exponential Gains In 2023

We are at such a stage in the market right now that almost every altcoin will do a 2x-3x even if a recovery bounce bank happens. Look at $BNB, for example. It is nearly $400 down ($293) from the previous all-time high of $690. In this list, I will share 4 altcoins that can provide massive gains in the next 12 months.

$ETH: Despite all the hullabaloo around the high gas prices and system complexities, $ETH remains the second most popular cryptocurrency and the most reliable alternative to $BTC for institutional and retail investors alike. $ETH has witnessed a major correction and is down nearly $500 from around $1650 to $1164. $1000 is the next possible stop if the correction continues. However, a major correction may push the altcoin’s price to $800 or lower. But irrespective of the temporary price, $ETH is bound to rally upward once the market goes green. With $4,891 being the all-time high, an accumulation between the $800-$1000 zone guarantees a 5x gain in the next few months.

$MATIC: $MATIC (Polygon) is one of the most popular layer 2 scaling solutions to run along the Ethereum network. The ever-increasing use cases of $MATIC are powered by the rising adoption of the ecosystem by decentralized applications, DAOs, and NFTs. $MATIC is also one of the most resilient altcoins, holding its ground in a turbulent crypto market. The altcoin is currently trading at around $0.85, which is nearly 70% down from the previous all-time high of $2.92. I am looking to invest in $MATIC between $0.5 and $0.7 for a long-term hold.

$MNW: I have been closely watching the project for the past few months. Thanks to the crazy community hype around the masternodes update. Moreover, the challenges in global logistics, which $MNW (Morpheus.Network) aims to solve, are pressing enough to trigger a massive adoption of their blockchain-agnostic solution. $MNW has some serious partnerships with government bodies, and their client base spans North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. $MNW is currently trading at around $1.44, whereas its all-time high is $5.63. I see an opportunity to rack up some more $MNW at around $1.2. It is certainly a 10x token for me.

$GNS: $GNS (Gains Network) is a new investment for me. It is the native token of a decentralized derivatives trading platform offering up to 1000x leverage. The platform is getting a lot of attention from seasoned investors, day traders, and scalpers in both crypto and forex markets. Moreover, it is a low-cap gem with strong fundamentals. The current market price of $GNS is $3.59, and I am looking to invest in it between $2.6 and $3 for a long-term hold.

A solid long-term strategy is the only way to survive downturns while generating long-term wealth. How are you using this bear phase?