3 ways I earn $1500+ a month PASSIVELY with crypto


In this day and age we don’t have bank accounts that give you more than 10% interest on your USD like they had in the 80’s. In the current era we are taunted by all time lows of interest rates. Beating inflation is extremely hard and everyday you are not investing your money it is getting close to 0 in your bank account. But don’t worry there is a passive way to beat inflation and make money, let me introduce you to the world of cryptocurrencies!

With crypto we can have the same opportunity our parents had in the 80’s. Many platforms give you a high yield that lays around 12% per year! With the current inflation of over 8% we are seeing this is a must. If you have stablecoins or unused fiat laying around, this is a great opportunity. I will show you the 3 legit platforms that I use to make at least 1500 dollars a month, without any effort. Let’s get started with the first project!


Nexo is what I use as an alternative for a bank account. You can sell, swap, buy and earn rewards on your crypto. It gives up to 12% interest on various stablecoin, 8% on bitcoin and up to 17% on other coins. They also allow the use of a credit card which lets you spend your crypto and gives you a 2% cash back on all purchases. I do all my grocery and online shopping with this card and have never had trouble with the platform before. Whilst I am not spending my fiat/stablecoins it is giving me a 12% return, something that a traditional bank would not give you anymore. With everything they have to offer (and I wasn’t able to mention everything) Nexo is the best platform all around in my opinion and I highly recommend it to everyone!

If you press this link, register for an account and make an initial deposit of $100 or more you will be rewarded with $25 in BTC (that’s already a 25% gain on your ‘investment’😉). You will have a functioning ‘bank account’ that lets you spend your crypto and lets you earn a high interest on your money.


Celsius is one of the biggest platforms right now and offers good returns on your crypto. I have stablecoins, Bitcoin and Ethereum on here to lend out and have also loaned money with them for very attractive rates. They offer up to 14% interest on your crypto and 7.10% on stable coins. The withdrawals of the platform are free because Celsius covers the transaction costs, so you never have to worry about not having enough gas fees. As a staking platform this is great, I wouldn’t recommend using it as an exchange. Because of that the only downside would be that it’s more convenient to buy on different exchanges and send it to Celsius.

You can make an account using the following link or this promo code: 139844b3f2. If you deposit $400 of crypto you will receive a reward of $50, that’s already a gain of 12.5%. After you did that celsius often offers many attractive deposit bonuses where you can get anywhere from $10-$500 for free, so keep an eye on this as well after you made your account.


Vauld is on the last place on this list. I have 10% of the funds I use for passive income here, just to spread out the risk. But this platform requires you to lock up your funds for 30 days to get a good yield on your coins. Now for me this isn’t a problem because I am not planning to sell my crypto, but it could be inconvenient for some.. They do have the highest stablecoin return out of these 3 platforms at 12.68%, but it does come at the downside of locking your coins for 30 days. They also offer crypto backed loans at a low APR of 7.5%. They have a function to quickly swap crypto and also have a fully functioning exchange, on this part they are better than Celsius. All around it is an easy to use platform with all the functions you need and can wish for!

If you press this link or use the promocode: felixher to make an account you will get 2.5% of your earned interest extra, 20% back on trading fees and 2.5% of your loan interest back. If you are planning on being active and trading your crypto a lot or planning on taking out loans Vauld with this referral deal would be the best option for you.

To summarize,

I gave you 3 platforms that I use to earn interest on my stable and receive a passive income of $1500 dollar without any effort. Make sure to check these platforms out and choose the one you like the most. These platforms do impose some risks, so remember to always do your own research before giving your coins to a company or investing in a project!

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