3 Steps to achieve financial freedom


Don’t we all dream of retiring by the end of our 40s, living in a beach home, without the need to do any kind of a job?

While it is a lengthy, costly and painful road, it is still very much doable, with many people coming from nothing and making names for themselves.

Using accumulative knowledge that I gathered from people who are smarter and wealthier than me, I made a concise plan on how to achieve financial freedom conservatively.

  1. Get through the trenches

If you’re not coming from money, or have previous experience in investing, you are probably starting with a small amount of money (0–10,000$).

This stage of investing I like to call “the trench”, because your potential returns will be smaller than in the further stages of compounding, and the losses early on can hurt your ego a lot

One of the most important things in this stage is to “pay yourself first”, cliche, I know. Still, it is repeated so much for a reason — the majority of people don’t do it at all.

Don’t become a Greg, who is 64 years old, still working his job and spending the majority of his money on expensive things to make him feel better, rather than paying himself so he can replace the thing that was making him miserable in the first place.

The stock market is a great way to spend your savings and turn them into assets. Although it is tempting to gamble on a random r/wallstreetbets play and grow your small account quickly, I think it’s counterintuitive.

You have to get into the habit of picking stocks that you understand and that are profitable consistently. Repeat this process for a few years and you will safely grow your balance to a serious amount.

Additionally, I would suggest honing your skills in some of these niches: Programming, UX Design, SEO, Copywriting, and Video editing.

With these skills mastered under your belt, you would be able to earn a substantial amount of money remotely, as they are highly paid skills that are in demand.

These jobs can be done remotely and in a freelance fashion, so you would be able to move to a cheaper location and be able to save even more money for your investment.

Remember —” The first rule of compounding is to never interrupt it unnecessarily”


Congrats, after a few years you have managed to get through the trenches and make your first 100,000$.

You can afford a pretty nice car and other materialistic luxuries, but don’t let the trap of lifestyle inflation get to you!

Continue your efforts, especially as you are now a seasoned investor, with trained discipline and a pristine eye for long-term stocks.

The small moves on your portfolio are now starting to add up, as 1% is now 1,000$, and the best of all you are earning this money fairly passively.

In this stage, it is crucial to add assets that are constantly bringing you money and avoid liability traps like a house, luxury car, etc.

Let’s say that you have built your skillset and portfolio in the before mentioned niches. You are starting to earn a steady income and getting more work that you can do.

That is a wonderful opportunity to start a white label business where you could leverage your name and portfolio to get clients, and find other people to outsource the work to and earn additional income.

Maybe through investing in the stock market you found a sector or a product that interests you and you decide to invest a portion of your portfolio in a business that is going to compete in that field.

The resilience that you built while investing through the years will spill into the other areas of your life. You now understand that with enough effort and time you can master just about anything.

You are building your wealth on more fronts, while mindfully avoiding big financial splurges. You treat yourself here and there, but you also have the wisdom to not disturb compounding too much. Delayed gratification will pay off in a few more years.

The possibilities are endless in the financial ocean, the only thing you need is to wet your toes and start swimming deep until you find the sunken treasure that is the true freedom — freedom of time, location, and finance.

3. Reap the fruits of your smart work

You made it at last. You broke out of the matrix and you are finally free!

Making significant money at this stage is effortless, as you would compound over a million dollars now, and 1% is now 10 grand!

Make sure not to blow all your money in one place and actually be smart with your fancy splurges!

You can still get nice cars that really slowly depreciate (G-class), or some that appreciate in value!

Same thing with apartments or houses. While most people think real estate should go up regardless of factors, it is always a good practice to buy in an environmentally sustainable location, in a place that is expecting growth, or is a popular destination.

Hope you enjoyed reading my insight into becoming financially free! If you enjoy content about finance and freedom, be sure to follow and stay tuned!