21st Century Downward Mobility is Real

Quartz Bench with a description of Downward Mobility for Affluent College Students

Of the people I know over 60, I would say that the majority experienced #downwardmobility, for some cases quite severe. These are people who worked all their lives. Some were self-inflicted, many had good jobs or survivor benefits. The reality of aging in America is grim.

Indeed, I only one truly prosperous person over 70 & they worked in the defense industry & have a great pension. The picture isn’t much better for those over 60. Heck I know mid/late-career age folks (50ish) who are #downwardlymobile & not by choice. Again, some self-destructive behavior: substance abuse poor career choices, bad behavior.

But many of these are remarkably smart people. Advanced degrees, high IQ, strong reading habits, adaptability. They’re some of the smartest people I know, & I have rigorous a PhD from a good school.

WTH is going on? These are people who should be prospering. These are who we want to prosper, they’re who we NEED to succeed. & they & we aren’t! We must do whatever, WHATEVER it takes to change that or were done. These people elected Trump. They’ve turned away from the empty unfulfilled promises of The Democrats.

Occupy movement and anonymous icon paper attacking backs on stacks of book-type paper

Biden, Obama, & Clinton made things better & worse.

Something large has to change.

Young people are seeing the future & quitting. If uncle Joe & aunt Betty who worked their whole life can lose everything, we all can. So, what is the point? There isn’t one. MUCH of this doesn’t happen elsewhere. #downwardmobility in America is a crises & corrupt. It should be the ONLY thing the







talk about. If they don’t, the GOP owns it.