20X Your Portfolio — Technical Analysis


Hello there, friends. Let’s talk about Technical Analysis. Before we start, you can read my other stories:

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First Investigate Then Invest

It’s not joke that this is the most important factor in cryptocurrencies.

Technical analyse is a tunnel that there is no end. There are a lot of course and articles about it. You should find best things for you.

After that, you can learn how and when to trade an asset and predict its possible price movements. In Fundamental Analysis, you are trying to determine an asset’s “true price”. Technical Analysis , relies on the history of the asset’s price movements.


If you’d like to start learning technical analysis, focus on this 5 topic.

  1. Patterns of Charts
  2. Indicators
  3. Resistance and Support Level
  4. Candlesticks
  5. Trade Stats

Before the technological advancements, technical analysis was done manually. Now it’s so easy to learn and win :)

I think the best platform is TradingView for Technical Stuffs…

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