12 Basic Investing Insights [8 Images]


~ Saturday, December 3, 2022 Blog Post ~

1 — Me at a local Starbucks (Sheena Ricarte, December 2022)

I just want to write about some basic investing insights today. I also included my latest photos at a local Starbucks. I know I promised myself I’ll quit dining out and eating fast food early this year, yet here I am. Hahaha.

My latest Starbucks photos also demonstrate how I was relishing that warm chai tea latte and chocolate mint doughnut a lot. Well, this blog is mine, so I’ll do whatever I want with it. Hahaha.

2 — Me at a local Starbucks (Sheena Ricarte, December 2022)

I’m also not active on Facebook anymore. I no longer enjoy that emotionally charged social media platform, compared to when I first set up my account back in 2008.

I just keep my 14-year-old Facebook account alive today for checking the daily news. Therefore, I use this blog to share my genuine views on personal and international finance, sans the emotionally charged raves, rants, and comments common on Facebook and all of which I find very unnecessary.

3 — Me at a local Starbucks (Sheena Ricarte, December 2022)

Anyhow, I just want to remind myself the basics of investing. Hence, I wrote this blog entry today — for myself.

  1. Using a savings account and an emergency fund for short-term expenses is important, but investing for retirement and the future is arguably just as crucial.
  2. Few, if any, start investing with a large sum of money. For many, growing your wealth happens over years and years and is a slow and steady process.
  3. By starting slow, even with a small amount of cash, you can begin to establish the habit of investing regularly, which will hopefully lead to a large nest egg in the future.
  4. By getting started today, you have the best asset that any investor can have on their side: time.
  5. By letting your money sit in the market longer, you allow for compound interest to take over — which is when your interest and gains stack on top of one another.
  6. The more money and more time you have in the market, the more likely you are to grow your investment funds.
  7. Growing your net worth is your goal.
  8. Investing can help you accomplish your short and long-term financial goals once you have a fully funded emergency fund and all high-interest debts paid off.
  9. Investment and disciplined savings make you rich.
  10. Insurance prevents your family from being poor.
  11. If you die soon, life insurance will take care of your family.
  12. If you live too long, investment and long-term care will take care of you.

Again, it’s commonsensical to point out that investing one’s hard-earned money is equally significant as saving it.

Additionally, the inevitable soaring inflation rates are a grave and present threat to one’s hard-earned funds which continuous saving cannot remedy.

4 — Me at a local Starbucks (Sheena Ricarte, December 2022)
5 — Me at a local Starbucks (Sheena Ricarte, December 2022)
6 — Me at a local Starbucks (Sheena Ricarte, December 2022)
7 — Me at a local Starbucks (Sheena Ricarte, December 2022)
8 — Some very basic investing tenets from “Investment” Facebook page (Sheena Ricarte, December 2022)


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