10 Diverse Finance Gurus to Follow (Not Just Male, Pale and Stale)


As much as I love watching Millennial Money (so much better now that Kevin is on hiatus), there’s not much representation for myself as a minority woman in the Grahams, Andreis and Jeremys of the finance space. And these are just Youtubers. The Jim Cramers, Dave Ramseys and Michael Burrys of the world don’t necessarily reflect the capitalist credo of “just work hard and anyone can make it” since they all belong to the privileged cis white male class, which in the caste construct of the U.S., they’re mostly born on first base.

That said, I have found some gems in this space that not only are doing incredibly well for themselves despite coming from a disadvantaged background, but are also actually people that look like me! I don’t think I need to stress how important and inclusive it is to see someone that comes from the same immigrant upbringing, or someone that understands being a woman and has lived and fought through discrimination, actually make it in an industry that’s dominated by the male, pale and stale (thank you Berna for this rhyme). For this post I’d love to recommend some mostly female finance influencers that I’ve been learning practical information from that aren’t in the typical demographic of people in this space. Let’s go:

1. Rose Han

As a former burnt out Wall Street trader, Rose Han is very knowledgable in stock investing and I’ve learned a lot about the markets from her! She also gives great overviews of finance basics, having clawed her way out of $100k of student loan debt and saying no to her old habits of keeping up appearances with frivolous purchases. There’s a lot of misconception that if you work in finance, you naturally are always flush with cash but that’s not always the case —people around her didn’t know that Rose was always one paycheck away from being broke. After leaving that industry, going full-time finance educator and paying off her debt, Rose now has a 6-figure net worth! She’s amazing. Check her out.

2. Yanely Espinal

Yanely is a new find for me but her open vibe, friendliness and warmth is such a delight in the dry, cumbersome corners of the finance world! You can tell she has a good heart and wants to have genuine conversations by the way she treats her guests on her podcast and Youtube interviews. Her content highlights female minorities in the space and I admire her her mission to help everyone of all types of backgrounds to get their money right!

3. Berna Anat


A fellow Filipina, Berna is another success story of rising from the deep sludgy waters of debt and thriving with money! And in her podcast “Money Please”, she does it in a way that’s FUN, informative and really speaks to the modern day young professional. Finance is such a dry topic that anyway to insert some joy into the subject by using pop culture references and Millennial female slang makes it super accessible and relatable to real women. It’s such a challenge to make people laugh while talking about “taboo” topics like money and she does it so effortlessly. Love her spirit and vibe!

4. Our Rich Journey

Aka my ideal future. If you’re looking for a normal couple who have managed to do investing right and live out their intentional semi-retired life with their kids abroad, check out Amon and Christina from “Our Rich Journey”. They worked their way up to investing in multiple properties, investing in stocks and generating cash flow for financial independence and living in sunny Portugal! And they did it all in 8 years. Talk about inspiring. Beautiful family too!

5. Steph and Den

Speaking of awesome couples — if you’re Canadian Steph and Den are amazing Toronto-based creators in their mid-20s that are pursuing their own investing goals while providing information and resources on budgeting, personal finance and market news. I love their new video formats that they’re calling “Quick Takes” in which they discuss world news that has financial impact. As a former Vancouverite, I feel you if you’re sick and tired of hearing about “401(k)s”, and just need people that are talking about RRSPs and basically any finance topic from a Canadian standpoint; well look no further!

6. The Financial Diet

Chelsea Fagan! Not only does her channel The Financial Diet (TFD for short) provide content on good spending habits and lifestyle prioritization, she also often has smart people on as guests to have discourse on a multitude of money-related topics, AND she comments on the financial implications and aspects of pop culture, media, reality shows, etc. This channel is great for practical advice but also provides poignant critique on certain mainstream entertainment, capitalist constructs, and cultural norms that I normally wouldn’t even have thought twice about. She also treats her employees with generous benefits, an actual living wage and more recently a 4-day workweek! We love a “money where your mouth is” queen.

7. Ramit Sethi

In 2019, I picked up Ramit’s book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” after watching his interview on Matt D’Avella’s channel. He just sounded super real, down to earth and is asking the deep questions like “Why do you want to be rich?”. “Start with the why” is always great advice, not just in money but in general when you’re looking to pursue a life goal. Reading his book is the first time it really hit home for me that the rest of my future adult life and the way I’m handling my money in the present are intertwined. If you’re starting from scratch his book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” is not only excellent sensible, practical advice but his writing style also makes it an entertaining read and super relatable to Millennial immigrants like myself (I will never forget his car buying story). Thank you, Ramit for actually getting me to sign up for a Roth IRA and contribute more to my 401(k)! Future me will be well taken care of.

8. Camille Collazo

Speaking of practical advice, from a hard-working immigrant standpoint, meet Camille. She was living in Puerto Rico when she decided to join the military and move to the U.S. alone at 18 years old just so she could give herself a chance for a better life. She’s been through a lot and has cycled through different jobs before landing on being a full-time content creator on Youtube! She has other content but she focuses on budgeting, finance and frugality and keeps it real. She has tons of tips and tricks up her sleeve so if you’re looking to up your minimal living game, check her out.

9. Vincent Chan

Informative and entertaining economic videos from someone with a finance background? Vincent’s got you covered. Despite the subtly clickbait-y titles (gotta feed the algorithm), he does serve you with visually captivating, well-researched, almost documentary-style market and economic information and always brings it back to how it relates to you. Every finance topic video he posts is something I actually care about and makes me want to click and watch to absorb his points. He talks about inflation, the U.S. dollar, The Great Resignation, financial freedom and more!

10. Julia Menez


Travel and wealth, a girl after my own heart. Julia Menez from Geobreeze Travel is an amazing resource for travel hacking — the term for using credit card points and miles and other money-saving strategies to be able to travel at little or no cost. I recently got into the game because of her awesome podcast and the fact that she’s showing how a Filipina American living in the tri-state area can travel internationally for next to nothing. Love inclusivity in the travel space, especially for people who normally wouldn’t be able to come up with the money to even visit family abroad. I took one of her masterclasses where you can ask her questions live and it really helped me solidify my points strategy.

I hope you find value in these creators — they have honestly changed my life for the better whether its by making intentional purchases, contributing more to tax-advantaged accounts and moving to an investing trajectory that will allow me to live a truly free lifestyle in the future. Who are your favorite finance influencers? Let me know!